Camera Tweak and Gcam for Redmi 7: APK Download

Camera Tweak and Gcam for Redmi 7: APK Download 1

Download Google Camera mod (gcam) for Redmi 7 (Onclite) that works without unlocking bootloader neither rooting your phone. If you want to push it a little further, you can also flash a camera tweak to enable some advanced features on both the stock MIUI camera app and the Gcam app. This, however, requires rooting.

Redmi 7 was announced in April 2019. The phone is Xiaomi’s latest iteration of budget lineups under the Redmi brand. It recently receives a next successor tho, the Redmi 8. However, the latest one is not widely sold neither easily purchase-able (at the time we write this article).

On the other hand, Redmi 7 has been available globally for awhile. Furthermore, we’ve seen some promotional events on going this November Shopping month to get Redmi 7 at its cheapest price point.

We believe that Redmi 7 will bring glory to the company once again from the budget smartphone series.

Redmi 7 boasts Qualcomm SDM632 Snapdragon 632 (14 nm) SoC featuring Octa-core CPUs (4x 1.8GHz Kryo 250 Gold and 4x 1.8GHz Kryo 250 Silver) and Adreno 506. The specs itself are not the only parts making it awesome.

While last year’s mid-range series such as Redmi Note 5 (Pro) requires unlocking bootloader and TWRP to activate Camera2 API, Redmi 7 does not.

Redmi 7 comes with Camera2 API Level3 active by default. Nevertheless, any camera apps running on the phone may not be at its maximum performance.

A member of the global Mi community has shared a camera tweak to activate some hidden gems that change how a camera app behaves.

Download Gcam APK for Redmi 7

As usual, there are so many versions and variants of Google camera ports. Picking the right one that works perfectly is an arduous task. In fact, there is no exact Gcam APK built to work perfectly on any particular device other than Pixel phones.

The fate of Redmi 7 is no different.

Below we list two best of gcam ports. The “best” does not mean the perfect one but simply the versions that have fewer bugs.

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Gcam v6.2.030 Advanced by Arnova8G2

File name :
Version 6.2.030 (arnova v2.2.190716.1800) | 3325 downloads | Size: 87 MB

Gcam v6.1.021 by TlnNeun (based on BSG Arnova)

File name :
Version 6.1.021 (tlnneun v1.3.030119.0645) | 909 downloads | Size: 120 MB

How to install?

As we said earlier, you don’t need an unlocked bootloader neither root access to use the Gcam app. Simply grab the APK file(s) and install it as usual.

Magisk Camera Tweak for Redmi 7

This camera tweak modifies how some features of the Redmi 7’s camera behaves. This tweak is packed as a flash-able Magisk module. Given that fact, you must have Magisk-rooted your phone.

What does the tweak do? The module once flashed modifies some system settings related to camera performance. Without this tweak, Gcam’s Night Sight feature won’t work properly.

Furthermore, you can enjoy 4K video recording on both stock Mi camera and Gcam apps. Fast autofocus and crispy bokeh are also achievable with this tweak.

Download Camera Tweak for Redmi 7:

File name :
Version 1.1 | 734 downloads | Size: 71 KB
Changelog v1.1: Enables EIS on default and gcam camera.
File name :
Version 1.0 | 185 downloads | Size: 47 KB

How to install?

  1. Unlock the MIUI bootloader.
  2. Flash TWRP Recovery on Redmi 7.
  3. Flash Magisk through TWRP to root Redmi 7.
  4. Flash DM-Verity on TWRP.
  5. Download the camera tweak zip file above.
  6. Reboot to system.
  7. Open the Magisk Manager app.
  8. Flash the camera tweak module.
  9. Reboot.
  10. Enjoy!


Installing and using the Google Camera ported app (gcam) on Redmi 7 is straightforward. You just need to choose one or two variants (of many) and install it on your phone. Using gcam needs Camera2 API level 3 which Redmi 7 already has it activated by default.

Nevertheless, you can enhance the quality of captured photos and videos by flashing a Magisk module to enable advanced camera features hidden beneath the operating system.


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