Fix Redmi 6 Pro Bootloop Error on Locked Bootloader

There are many reasons causing a bootloop problem on an Android phone. This trick shows you exactly how to unbrick Redmi 6 Pro bootloop error without having to unlock the bootloader.

Personally, I always unlock my MIUI phone bootloader within the first two week after purchase. Having a Xiaomi phone with unlocked bootloader is like having the whole device including its system. Without bootloader being unlocked is like having only a half of your phone. Trust me. What’s the point of having something while you cannot have full control over what you posses.

However, most of Mi Fans do not attempt to unlock it or at least apply for the official permission from Xiaomi website. On the other hand, no one can predict when bad things happen.

Bootloop can occur because of third-party apps installation that contain malware or simply silly-flashing tweaks or mods that should not be flashed on a phone with locked bootloader.

This tutorial helps you in the scenario of bootloop error on Redmi 6 Pro while you did not unlock its bootloader yet. Nevertheless, the same steps are also applicable on Redmi 6 Pro with unlocked bootloader.

Moreover, users of other Xiaomi devices can also make use of this guide. Simply use the appropriate MIUI Recovery ROM file.

Redmi 6 Pro (codename Sakura) sports similar hardware as Redmi 5 Plus / Redmi Note 5 India. The dual rear camera and notched display mark the differences. The device boasts Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC with octa-core 14nm processor .

Unbricking Redmi 6 Pro Bootloop Problem

Step 1. Download Mi PC Suite China version here. Follow the provided guide to install and to translate its user interface to English.

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Step 2. Download latest stable version of MIUI Recovery ROM for Redmi 6 Pro here.

Fix Redmi 6 Pro Bootloop Error on Locked Bootloader 1

At the time of writing, there is only the build for Redmi 6 Pro Indian. You may also use the Chinese MIUI ROM. It contains English but it lacks Google Apps and Play Store.

Step 3. Connect your phone to your computer using its USB cable.

Step 4. Launch up MI PC Suite software that you have installed previously.

Step 5. Login to Mi PC Suite using your Mi Account.

Step 6. Now reboot your device into Recovery mode. Press the Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously.

Step 7. Once your phone is in Mi Recovery, select “Mi Assistant”. Use Volume keys to navigate, and use Power button to select.

Fix Redmi 6 Pro Bootloop Error on Locked Bootloader 2

Step 8. Click the “Select ROM package” button and locate the MIUI ROM zip file you have downloaded earlier.

Fix Redmi 6 Pro Bootloop Error on Locked Bootloader 3

Step 9. Choose the first option. The Mi PC Suite will process the MIUI flashing procedure. Sit tight and wait.

Fix Redmi 6 Pro Bootloop Error on Locked Bootloader 4

Step 10. Once the process is finished, the phone shall reboot into normal mode.

That’s all. Congratulation! You have resurrect your Redmi 6 Pro from its zombie state.

Does it work for you? Did you find any problems? Please do not hesitate to drop us comments below.


13 thoughts on “Fix Redmi 6 Pro Bootloop Error on Locked Bootloader”

  1. HI, i’m from Brazil and i got a xiaomi note 6 pro, i tried to update the software, now he is stuck into a bootloop and i cant get into the recovery mode (sorry about my english)

      1. sob gue stuck di fastboot..harus pake EDL ya?
        got my freakin phone stuck on fastboot – no recovery opt as it immediately turns off. Doest it has to be with EDL method? thanks

      2. Hello
        What about the user datas ?
        There is also a wipe data button…

        I dont want to loose datas… any solution ?


      3. 2 pertanyaanku saja bang tolong bantu di jawab
        1.Bang dengan cara ini work ga di hp xiaomi 6 pro dan bootlop stuck di logomi mi terus keadaan lock bootloader..
        2.Flashing dengan tes point menggunakan rom india apakah work bang kan blm ubl
        Saya mohon bang bantu jawab

      4. Metode yg sering di gunakan jika bootloader terkunci adalah testpoint, lebih enak lagi kalau anda mempunyai akun author …

        1. Untuk yg gagal booting karena update software ke miui 10 baik lewat ota maupun manual mesti di flash melalu edl mode dengan akun mi yang sudah di authorized pihak xiaomi karena ada anti rollback versi 4 yang tertanam di hp (include miui 10 package)
          Semoga membantu

      5. saya gagal menggunakan metode testpoint, “error, cannot receive hello packet”
        ada solusi biar bisa di flash? posisi hp sih locked bootloader dan masih nyala normal, cm dpt rom distri abal2. pengen diganti dengan rom official.

      6. Hi ,

        I tried this 15 days back using the same method as u mentioned above, but still i was facing same bootloop error. I tried flashing the ROM multiple times but didn get any success.

        But today when i checked my phone, it was completely dead and there was no battery in it. i tried charging it and booted the phone and it booted in normal mode and it was working fine excpet volume up button was not working and i could see some small issues with the UI but it was working fine .

        so I charged it to 100 % and tried to reboot to fix the volume buttom issue. But it has again stuck into the bootloop issue .

        Please suggest how to fix this. Due to lockdown i am not able to reach any xiamoi service centre

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