Resurrection Remix 7 Android 9 Pie for Redmi 5A

Resurrection Remix 7 Android 9 Pie for Redmi 5A 1

Download Resurrection Remix 7 based on Android 9.0 Pie for Xiaomi Redmi 5A (codename Riva) from direct hot link and mirror link. The flash-able ZIP file is only a half GB in size.

Resurrection Remix is one of popular Android custom ROMs offering stability along with various tweaks and mods. The ROM is developed based on other popular ROMs such as LineageOS, Omni, SlimRoms, and the original Remix builds.

Hence, it takes all the awesome parts of those base ROMs and brings it to the end users as one pack of a dope Android ROM.

Its developers have managed to remix all of essential parts and to resurrect them all together. As a result, it can deliver unbeatable performance.

The team behind Resurrection Remix OS claims it as battery-friendly system without having to sacrifice performance.

Furthermore, it sports OTA Update mechanism. Once installed, users will be able to get immediate notification of new released version. That way, users can stay updated with the most recent security patches.

The ROM is available in a very small package size but it sports advanced features. Users can also customize most aspects of the system easily.

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Here’s the flashable ZIP file of Resurrection Remix OS v7 for Xiaomi Redmi 5A. This build employs Android 9.0 Pie as its base.

Download from direct hot link below:

File name :
Version 7.0.1-20190311 | 939 downloads | Size: 579 MB

Alternative mirror link hosted on cloud server:

Changelog v7.0.1

* external/skia/
594b5cd5ce skia: SkBlitter_ARGB32: Remove unused variable
10fb8f810d skia: Add rect-parameter to makeImageSnapshot
b7154ea9d9 skia: fGpu is null when GrGpuResource::release
bcfacd97d0 skia: performance optimize for bitmap

* packages/apps/Settings/
edf746ca18 Merge pull request #1055 from AlexZorzi/pie
13c37ac366 Update maintainers for Z00L and Z00T

Resurrection Remix includes no Google Apps. Separate GApps package is needed. OpenGapps or MindTheGapps will fit just perfectly.

You may also check for its latest version at


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