Exciting Steps to Flash DireWolf Kernel on Redmi 5A

Having a budget Android device doesn’t mean you couldn’t play around with it and unleash its true performance. Nowadays, the supports from third-party Android development community enable ordinary users to maximize the true potentials of their phones.

There have been many custom Android ROMs already and many users have opted in to run it on their phones.

However, there is a little of them who have employed custom Android Kernel on their phone.

Android Kernels are basically based on Linux Kernel. This is the main binaries that allows software to talk to the hardware in machine’s language. Kernel translates what apps want to the phone’s hardware.

Kernel is important to determine how your phone will behave and it also crucial to the overall device’s performance.

The advantage of using a custom kernel is performance gain without having to reinstall the whole Android system. Some kernels are compatible with the stock MIUI ROM.

Hence, you don’t need to flash a custom ROM in order to boost your phone’s performance.

This article shows you the steps on how to flash Direwolf kernel on Xiaomi Redmi 5A codename Riva. Direwolf is a specially-made kernel for Redmi 5A. It sports many performance tweaks. You can either overclock or underclock its CPU performance.

Recently, its developer has rebased it using Android 9.0 Pie. Using Direwolf kernel in combination with Android 9.0 ROM (e.g: Pixel Experience) can improve Redmi 5A performance significantly.

Before we proceed, please make sure you created a proper backup of your data and files. Contacts, messages, photos, and videos are some stuff you may need to prioritize. We recommend you to take a full backup, however.

We hold no responsibilities of any damages and risks that may happen to your phone. Proceed with full caution.

Steps to Flash DireWolf Kernel

Step 1. You need to unlock the Redmi 5A bootloader. This is a must. Please remember that you may lose your data because of unlocking process.

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Step 2. Flash Orange Fox TWRP on your phone. You may use the official TWRP of course, but we prefer to use Orange Fox Recovery.

Step 3. Download Direwolf Kernel zip file for Redmi 5A directly into your device (e.g: DireWolf_v7.3_Unified.zip).

Step 4. Turn off your phone completely. Once it’s off, press the Power key and Volume Up key simultaneously. This will reboot your phone to Orange Fox TWRP.

Step 5. Choose “Install” from the main menu.

Exciting Steps to Flash DireWolf Kernel on Redmi 5A 1

Step 6. Locate the Direwolf Kernel zip file. It usually resides in the Downloads folder. Tap on it to select it.

Exciting Steps to Flash DireWolf Kernel on Redmi 5A 2

Step 7. Now do the “Swipe to Install” action.

Exciting Steps to Flash DireWolf Kernel on Redmi 5A 3

Step 8. Once done, go back to main menu. Tap “Reboot” then “Recovery“. This will reboot your phone back to recovery again. This is a good practice to make sure the flashed binaries really take place.

Exciting Steps to Flash DireWolf Kernel on Redmi 5A 4
Exciting Steps to Flash DireWolf Kernel on Redmi 5A 5

Step 9. This time choose “Reboot” again then choose “System“.

Exciting Steps to Flash DireWolf Kernel on Redmi 5A 6

Step 10. That’s it. Your phone will now boot into normal mode (e.g: running MIUI).

Voila! There is no new app installed and there is no anything explicitly new. You may notice nothing being new in your phone. However, you may notice its performance becomes faster and sleeker now.

Some key features of this kernel that you may can enjoy after flashing it:

  • Better battery life and performance
  • Supports spectrum profiles
  • Overclocking and underclocking CPU
  • Overclocked Audio processor
  • Overclocked Slimbus
  • Snappy compression and decompression
  • DTS eagle (New driver)
  • Overall sound tweakings

Have you tried it? How does it go on your phone? Is there anything that behaves weirdly? How was the flashing process?

Do not hesitate to drop comments below.


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    1. after reboot again to system how long it takes to get on home screen … cause, in my case i just stuck on mi logo and the botom was “unlocked”.. can you help with that ?

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