Pitch Black TWRP: A Startling Recovery for Redmi 5 Plus (Codename Vince)

Pitch Black TWRP: A Startling Recovery for Redmi 5 Plus (Codename Vince) 1

There was a time when ClockworkMod Recovery dominating Android world as the best custom recovery. Nowadays, it’s time for Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP).

Currently, TWRP becomes a common standard as a custom recovery for many Android devices, including Xiaomi phones. It has no other rivals.

However, there have been many ports already. Several developers have managed to port TWRP by making it better. They add functionalities/features not available in the official TWRP build.

We have seen Red Wolf Recovery Project and Orange Fox Recovery Project. Today, you’ll see another one.

Enter PitchBlack Recovery Project (a.k.a PBRP)! This project use the official TWRP build as its base. Its developers, then, added several enhancements including built-in Magisk root, AromaFM, Camera2 API enabler, No DM-Verity, SuperSU, and so on.

This project was started in March 2018 and it has become popular among Android development communities. Thanks to its ability to survive OTA update mechanism.

The founder of Team Pitch Black is Adi Reza Pangestu, a pro UI and UX designer. He got helping hands from its team consisting of several developers.

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Download Pitch Black Recovery

You can download the flash-able zip file from its official link below.


Alternatively, use the direct link below.

File name :
Version 2.9.0-20181220-0719 | 1646 downloads | Size: 44 MB

Please be aware! The file above is for Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (codename Vince). Please do not attempt to flash it on Redmi 5 (Rosy) or Redmi Note 5 Pro/AI (Whyred).

Some pictures of PitchBlack’s UI design:

How to install?

  1. Unlock phone bootloader officially.
  2. Install ADB & Fastboot Driver.
  3. Download and extract the zip file of PBRP.
  4. Copy the recovery.img file to the adb folder at C:\adb\.
  5. Launch command prompt window.
  6. Do a hot boot to Pitch Black TWRP
  7. Copy the zip file to phone.
  8. Flash it through recovery.

Alternatively, we have the detailed guide with pictures on how to install the PBRP.

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