Flashing TWRP on Redmi 5 Plus (and Root)

Flashing TWRP on Redmi 5 Plus (and Root) 1

This is a comprehensive guide on how to flash TWRP Recovery on Redmi 5 Plus (codename Vince). Additionally, we will use it to flash Magisk and gain root safely.

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus is one of Xiaomi budget phone with a twist. Some said it as the next iteration of Redmi Note 5 because it is known as Redmi Note 5 in India. The fact, Xiaomi has also rolled out Redmi Note 5 in China in which it has been modified and named as Redmi Note 5 Pro in India.

The phone sports Qualcomm MSM8953 Snapdragon 625 SoC with 14nm fabrication. The chipset features Octa-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A53 processor and Adreno 506 GPU. The processor is battery-friendly and it can deliver a decent performance for day-to-day usage.

However, such awesomeness would not be perfect without root access. You cannot use the phone at its maximal level without root.

This tutorial will walk you through the required steps on rooting Redmi 5 Plus. Since we are going to use Magisk, it is necessary to install a custom recovery first. The best recovery for this task is Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP).

Developed by Team Win Dev Team, TWRP boasts more advanced features than the stock MIUI recovery; including the ability to flash third-party binaries.

However, since TWRP alters the system part of your device, you will need to obtain bootloader unlock permission. Read the complete steps after the jump.

Warning! Unlocking bootloader, flashing Recovery, and gaining root may wipe your data. Please make sure you have created a full backup of your phone, especially the crucial data and files. We take no responsibility of any damage that might occur on your device.

Please proceed with caution and do it responsibly.

How to Install TWRP

Step 1. Unlock the bootloader of your phone. Follow our previous guide here.

Step 2. Download ADB Fastboot driver software install it on your computer. We suggest you to install it on drive C:\adb\ (if you have not installed it yet).

Step 3. Download TWRP for Redmi 5 Plus Vince. Place the .img file inside the ADB folders in C:\adb\.

Step 4. Rename the TWRP file to recovery.img. You can right-click then choose Rename.

Step 5. Download Magisk zip file and No DM-Verity zip file to your computer.

Step 6. Grab your phone and enable Developer Options:

Go to Settings >> About Phone >> Tap the MIUI Version several times (7x approx) >> Congratulation, you are developer now.

Step 7. Enable USB Debugging option:

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Go to Settings >> Additional Settings >> Developer Options >> USB Debugging >> toggle it on.

Step 8. Connect your phone to your PC using its USB cable.

Step 9. Transfer the Magisk zip and No DM-verity zip files to your phone storage. It is better to put it on the root directory (not inside any folder), so that you can easily find it later.

Step 10. Now open up Windows Explorer on your computer. Navigate to the ADB folder at C:\adb\.

Step 11. Hold down the Shift key on keyboard and right-click on anywhere inside that folder.

Step 12. Choose “Open PowerShell window here“.

Step 13. Now execute the below comment:

adb devices
adb reboot bootloader
fastboot devices
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot reboot
adb reboot recovery

At this stage, you have installed TWRP and your phone should reboot into TWRP recovery for the very first time.

Step 14. Now in the TWRP interface, “Allow System Modification” by sliding the provided slider.

How to root Redmi 5 Plus

Step 1. Enter the TWRP main menu.

Step 2. From the main menu, choose “Install“.

Step 3. Now locate the Magisk zip file you have copied earlier. Tap on it to select it.

Step 4. Do the “Swipe to confirm flash” action.

Step 5. Wait till TWRP finishes its job.

Step 6. Once done, go back to main menu and choose “Install” again. Do not reboot or your phone will enter bootloop.

Step 7. Locate the zip file of Lazy Flasher or No DM-verity (disabler). Select it.

Step 8. Again, do the “Swipe to confirm flash” action.

Step 9. Wait till TWRP finishes its job. Once done, choose “Reboot“.

Step 10. Your phone will reboot into normal mode.

Voila! Your phone has been rooted successfully. You will notice a new app called Magisk Manager. The app allows you to manage all root access requested by apps.

Go ahead open it and get familiar with it. There is no additional configuration needed. However, you can install additional Magisk modules.

That’s it. You can install Root Checker app from Play Store to confirm the root access.

Have you tried the trick above? How was it? Have you encountered any problem? Is there any part of the steps that you don’t understand? Please do not hesitate to leave feedback below. Thanks.

Credit: TWRP.me


25 thoughts on “Flashing TWRP on Redmi 5 Plus (and Root)”

  1. Okay before i go ahead to root my redmi 5 plus using this method, i want to know which miui version you were on because am on miui global v10. Oreo.
    People are saying oreo has anti rollback features.

    I need answer fast. thanks

  2. first boot into twrp, i have to allow system modification, wipe cache ???
    you didnt include this processes.
    Please assist us noobs, so we dont brick our devices.

  3. Please double confirm for the steps that we should flash “No DM-Verity” or “Magisk” first, as I see in this tutorial it shows that flash Magisk first, but in other page(No DM-verity page) it reminds that no DM-Verity should be flashed before Magisk.
    Please asist and thanks

  4. I try to use the same method to install TWRP in my Mi Max 2. The step is always the same for installing the TWRP but i never get a result.
    I already unlock oem bootloader and Mi Unlock. I followed the same method step by step but it always land on miui recover 3.0
    After repeatedly tried the same method. I decided to try one click root and its work. But now. My girlfriend wants me to root her phone which is Redmi 5 Plus here i am. stuck on the same process again

  5. “PS C:\adb> adb devices
    List of devices attached
    5da6d0450804 device
    PS C:\adb> adb reboot bootloader
    PS C:\adb> fastboot devices
    5da6d0450804 fastboot
    PS C:\adb> fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    Sending ‘recovery’ (36752 KB) OKAY [ 1.694s]
    Writing ‘recovery’ OKAY [ 0.729s
    Finished. Total time: 2.515s
    PS C:\adb> fastboot reboot
    Finished. Total time: 0.013s
    PS C:\adb>”

    That was my CMD log

  6. “PS C:\adb> adb devices
    List of devices attached
    5da6d0450804 device
    PS C:\adb> adb reboot bootloader
    PS C:\adb> fastboot devices
    5da6d0450804 fastboot
    PS C:\adb> fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    Sending ‘recovery’ (36752 KB) OKAY [ 1.694s]
    Writing ‘recovery’ OKAY [ 0.729s
    Finished. Total time: 2.515s
    PS C:\adb> fastboot reboot
    Finished. Total time: 0.013s
    PS C:\adb>”

    That was my CMD log

  7. Flashed TWRP image without problems, fastboot written it in two seconds, but when i reboot to recovery – its default MI-Recovery, not TWRP. Tried it with TWRP and – same thing. What could be wrong?

    1. Reboot into recovery using these steps (after flashing twrp):
      – type fastboot reboot but do not hit ENter just yet.
      – press Power button and Volume Up button, then hit Enter

      It’s a new protection mechanism available in latest MIUI version

      1. My Redmi 5 plus continues to boot into TWRP, cannot get phone to reboot into system, cannot flash mi tool firmware, keep getting an error that i’m installing a “Invalid zip file format! i’m completely lost and can’t find my way out of here.. need help..

      2. Dear author,

        This method seems very decent. I was flashing my xiaomi redmi 5 plus recently quite few times. I ended up formatting my phone enldlessly and I got tired of it. I have managed to install Magisk. But when I opened it than i have done an update n magisk and I downloaded some advertisement blocker. It asked me to restart it. I did and after I was stuck on boot loop… 🙁 So I had to format and install the custom rom again… If I tried with super SU than android did not even boot up. I must admit it did not hapenned with this method. Can you please kindly confirm me that with this method I do not have to format my internal storage again and it won’t stuck in boot loop again after restarting a phone? (when magisk ask me to do it).

      3. I have followed this method. It worked well. My phone has started. I opened magisk and downloaded a module. It asked me to restart it. I restarted and than it was booting forever. Bootloop. J could sorted. I went back to TWRP and I installed a global stock ROM. After that my phone has started well again. All my settings, apps etc… were there like before all. Can you please advise me what am I doing wrong? How can I get magisk do not brick my phone and put it in bootloop? Many thanks.

      4. Unfortunately my phone keeps getting bricked after doing a wipe -> format data in TWRP. I cannot access the Internal storage otherwise, and it seems to keep deleting the zip files with magisk and No DM-verity.

      5. On step 9 you said “transfer files to root directory”. But now a question.
        I can do it with adb shell, but by default android file system is only-readable, to change it to rw I need to use su. And now i’m in loop. Does anyone have an answer?

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