Download, Install Orangefox TWRP, and Root Poco X3 NFC

Download, Install Orangefox TWRP, and Root Poco X3 NFC 1

This article explains you the way to flash Orangefox and gain root access on your Poco X3 NFC, a mid-range killer by Xiaomi sub-brand Pocophone.

In case if you don’t know it yet, Orangefox Recovery Project or OFRP in short, is a custome recovery ported from TWRP project by TeamWIN.

OFRP itself is initially developed by Yacha and the project has received a lot attention from enthusiat users including Mi Fans.

Here are some of its general key features:

  • Synced with the latest Teamwin changes
  • Designed with latest Material design 2 guidelines
  • Implemented support for Flyme and MIUI OTA, and incremental block-based OTA in custom ROMs
  • Included customization
  • Inbuilt patches, like Magisk and password reset patch
  • Password protection
  • Fully open-source
  • Frequently updated

Fun fact about Orangefox: the project was first developed for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Snapdragon codename Mido.

And nowadays, there are tons of devices already supported by the recovery.

Here in this page, you can download Orangefox for Poco X3 NFC.

Why should you use it? There is no obligation to replace the stock MIUI recovery with a custom one.

However, by doing so you can bring your phone to another level of awesomeness.

Orangefox boasts many advanced features while stock MIUI recovery is just too basic.

Download Orangefox for Poco X3 NFC

This custom recovery is compatible on Poco X3 and its NFC variant with codename Surya or Karna.

Please do not flash it on any other devices.

Orangefox Unofficial Beta version R11_10.01

File name :
Version r11_10.01 (beta) | 2118 downloads | Size: 47 MB

Orangefox Unofficial Alpha version R11.0_6

File name :
Version r11.0_6 (alpha) | 1182 downloads | Size: 128 MB

Features of this version:

  • Touch Screen every single time
  • Decryption works
  • Fixed Error 7 while clean or dirty flashing (starting from version 6)
  • Migrate backup installation (starting from version 6)
  • OTG support
  • ROM Flashing works 100%
  • F2FS Support
  • Fastboot commands supported

Changelog version Unofficial Beta:

  • Fix Vibration
  • Rework Fastbootd and Adb Sideload code
  • Use USB configs from MIUI
  • Remove predefined services

Flash Orangefox on Poco X3 NFC

As usual, you should first know the risks of flashing third-party software on your phone.

First, rooting may void your official warranty.

Second, we hold no responsibility of anything that happens to your phone as the results of following this guide.

Third, please make backups of your phone especially important data, files, and contacts.

Lastly, make sure you charge the phone so it has at least 55% of power juice remaining.


First, you have to unlock the bootloader of your Poco X3 NFC. Follow our guide on how to unlock Xiaomi phone’s bootloader here.

Second, you need to download following files to your computer:

Download necessary files:

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The Flashing Process

Step 1 – Install ADB & Fastboot Driver. You’ll get a new folder called ADB on your computer (usually in drive C:).

Step 2 – Rename OrangeFox-R11.0_6_Alpha-Unofficial-surya.img to recovery.img (Windows commonly hides file extensions, so you may see it as simply recovery instead of recovery.img).

Step 3 – Copy recovery.img file to the ADB folder.

Tips: you can also copy the files to the Mi Unlock Tool installation directory.

Step 4 – Connect your phone to the computer using its USB cable. Make sure you connect it as MTP mode or File Transfer mode.

Step 5 – Copy Magisk zip file (e.g: and file to the phone’s internal storage.

Step 6 – Next, navigate to the ADB folder in Windows Explorer then type cmd in the Explorer address bar then hit Enter. This will bring up Command Prompt window.

Step 7 – Type this command and hit Enter to issue every line of them.

adb devices
adb reboot bootloader
fastboot devices

What does the command do? This will reboot your phone to the Bootloader mode or Xiaomi Fastboot mode.

Step 8 – Type in this command and hit Enter button to execute it. This installs Orangefox to your Poco X3 phone.

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Step 9 – Finally, reboot the Redmi 9 phone in recovery mode by typing this command:

fastboot boot recovery.img

Step 10 – That’s it. Your phone will now boot into recovery mode for the first time.

If Orangefox TWRP asks you for a security pattern, enter what you use on your phone. You may also need to do the Swipe to allow system modifications which is needed once only.

Step 11 – Once your phone boots into Orangefox recovery, choose Install, locate the file, choose it to install it. Wait till it done.

Download, Install Orangefox TWRP, and Root Poco X3 NFC 2

Voila! You have flashed ORFP on your phone successfully.

What’s next?

Root Poco X3 NFC with Magisk

Ok, so you have a custom recover up and running on your phone. The next task to do (only if you wish) is rooting your Poco X3!

Here’s how!

Step 1 – Copy the file from your computer to the phone internal storage (if you haven’t done it yet).

Step 2 – Reboot the phone to Orangefox recovery by pressing Power button + Volume Up. Skip this step if your phone is already in recovery mode.

Step 3 – Go to Install then locate the Magisk zip file you’ve just copied.

Step 4 – Tap on the Magisk file name tp select it.

Step 5 – Start the root process by doing Swipe to flash.

Step 6 – Once the process has finished, reboot your phone.

That’s all. You have just done rooting Poco X3 NFC successfully.

Run into trouble? Do not hesitate to write a comment below.

Download, Install Orangefox TWRP, and Root Poco X3 NFC 3
Download, Install Orangefox TWRP, and Root Poco X3 NFC 4

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