Ridiculously Useful Ported Gcam Apps for Poco F1

Ridiculously Useful Ported Gcam Apps for Poco F1 1

These are proven builds of ported Google Camera apps for Xiaomi Poco F1 (codename Beryllium). Google Cam (gcam) is a popular on-demand app as an alternative to the stock MIUI camera app.

The app features advanced High Dynamic Range mode that is enhanced with Google’s secret AI algorithm. This feature is capable to produce photos with sharp details and truly enhanced.

Some other features including Photo Sphere mode. When activated, it can produce 360-degree photo on an ordinary camera lens. Users will no longer need an actual 360-degree camera. Sounds awesome already?

Wait until you see the Night Sight mode. This new feature boasts ability to shot better photos in low light condition, especially at night or inside a room with less lighting.

Gcam for Pocophone F1

There are several developers have managed to port the original Gcam from Google Pixel: Arnova8G2, BSG, Cstark, and some others. Each developer releases several versions of the app.

As a result, users get confused on which version or which build compatible with their devices. Some simply do trial and error while others seek what others have tried.

Xiaomi Poco F1, specs wise, has similar hardware specification to Mi 8. Both sport Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. The only differences are their built quality and form factors.

Therefore, it is safe to use ported Gcam made for Mi 8.

Available below are the Google cam builds proven to work properly on Xiaomi Poco F1. There are possibilities other ports to work as well either newer or older versions. However, these APK files are selected from what we think the best versions and the most compatible builds.

BSG Gcam Port

All features of gcam work flawlessly within this build except EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization). What I really like about this build is the ability to record super slowmo videos; 1080p resolution at 240fps (frames per second). This build is a Pixel 3 port.

Key features:

  • Night Sight
  • Super Res Zoom
  • ZSL HDR+
  • HDR+ Enhanced
  • Portrait on front & back camera
  • Video recording upto 4K 30FPS
  • Photosphere, Panorama
  • Slow motion 240 FPS (1080p)
  • Playground (AR Core)

Download APK

Use this build on Poco F1 running at least MIUI Global Stable v10.2.2.0 or higher.

File name :
Version 6.1.021_mi8_v2e+ | 846 downloads | Size: 79 MB

Sannn111ty Gcam Port

Based on BSG’s build, Sannn111ty has managed to add additional features. He added a new custom lib (Xlib V2) and removed some useless libs to get the apk smaller.

This build combines the awesomeness of Google Camera and the coolness of Apple iOS camera technology. The Xlib V2 is specially tuned with Smart HDR technology that exists in iPhone XS.

Some users love this kind of HDR rather than what in the Pixel’s default lib. The HDR algorithm doesn’t crush shadows and it can maintain natural colors if combined together with the magical Pixel HDR+ algorithm.

Pixel 3 Libs vs Xlib v2 vs Eszdman vs Savitar

  • Pixel 3 (default) libs – Boosted colors/contrast with more noise and less sharpness.
  • Xlib V2 – Natural colors/contrast with less noise and more sharpness.
  • Eszdman – Looks almost the same in comparison with default libs but has better shadow detail which may positively/negatively affect contrast depending on the scenario.
  • Savitar – Natural colors but slightly less shadow detail compared to Xlib V2 and has a grainy look to it.
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Additionally, he also added manual sliders within the view finder.

The left one is utilized to adjust Long exposure settings. However, it works only when Savitar V5 (custom lib) is activated.

The right slider is useful to adjust manual focus. It works with any libs though. You need to choose the option (inf/10cm/or anything) and you need to tap once on viewfinder before capturing photos. This slider is pretty much useful for macro lens.

Download APK

This build is also a port from Pixel 3 Gcam. It has Night Sight feature built in.

File name :
Version 6.1.021_f1_v1.7.apk | 656 downloads | Size: 106 MB

How to Install?

Normally, you will need to unlock bootloader and enable Android Camera2 API. Thankfully, Pocophone F1 has Camera2 API enabled by default. It means the Gcam port app works on Poco F1 without unlocking bootloader.

Simply download the APK file on your phone, tap on its file, and install like any other APK. You may need to adjust security settings and to allow installation from unknown sources.

Recommended Settings

You can simply install and use the app without any further adjustment. However, some users sometimes have their own personal configurations.

Sreekantt from XDA has generously shared its custom settings for Pixel 3 Gcam BSG port as below:

Input Model:

  • Interface style – Pixel 2
  • Back Camera – Pixel III XL (Use Pixel XL model if you like pics with less noise & sharpness.)
  • Front Camera – Pixel III XL
  • Config – Pixel 2018 ZsIR HDR+

HDR+ Parameters:

  • Min. ISO limited by exposure – Off
  • Minimum frames – 24
  • Maximum frames – 24
  • (Use 6-6 if you need instant ZSL processing but the loss of detail in dark areas is evident)
  • (Use 14-23 if you use HDR+ Enhanced more often than HDR+)

Don’t change anything in Night Sight parameters

  • Final jpg quality HDR+ – 100
  • Disable zoom in portrait mode – On
  • Save to DCIM/Camera – Off (Optional, You can turn it on but few users reported problems with it like deletion of pics.)
  • Turn off Pixel 3 AWB – On (San1ty’s build)
  • Enhanced HDR+ in portrait mode – Off


  • Back Camera
  • Highlights saturation – 1.0
  • Shadows saturation – 1.6
  • Front Camera
  • Highlights saturation – 1.0
  • Shadows saturation – 1.6


  • Viewfinder processing – Enable ‘Motion’ & ‘AE’
  • No need to change anything else in ‘fix’ section for our device

BSG Gcam based on Pixel 2

Here’s the older version that has no Night Sight. It works like a charm. Ported from Pixel 2 camera by BSG.

File name :
Version 5.3.015_mi8_poco_v1b | 148 downloads | Size: 50 MB

Credits: BSG, Sannn111ty, Sreekantt.


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