Overclock Poco F1 with Extreme Kernel – How to flash

Overclock Poco F1 with Extreme Kernel - How to flash 1

Out-perform other Pocophone users by overclocking yours. This article shows you exactly how to flash Extreme Kernel and overclock Poco F1 safely.

Manually, you can overclock your phone by using root-only apps to tweak the performance of CPU, GPU, RAM, and so on. However, it needs a proper knowledge about Android system and how the software interacts with phone hardware.

Moreover, that requires root.

Alternatively, you can simply install a custom Android kernel. “A kernel is the lowest level of easily replaceable software that interfaces with the hardware in your computer” – Howtogeek.com.

Somehow its like Drivers in Windows but it is totally different.

By replacing the default stock kernel, you can adjust the performance of your phone. Again, it may need a proper knowledge on tweaking the kernel.

Enter the Extreme Kernel! Alex Dev, the developer behind this kernel, has managed to build a ready-to-use kernel. This kernel has been manually configured and tweaked to boost the performance of your phone while maintaining stability.

There are two main issues of overclocking your phone: system stability and battery consumption.

Alex Dev has formulated a nice combination of tweaked hardware settings and has managed to overclock the CPU and GPU while the battery juice is kept under control.

Extreme Kernel overclocks the GPU frequency to 825 MHz with extended GPU table included. This benefits gamer who loves to play graphic-demanding mobile games.

The kernel also enables 3200mA fast charge. The battery will charge faster than usual.

User of this kernel can also take advantage of AdrenoBoost v2.2. Again, it will turbo-charge the GPU performance.

Alex Dev built this kernel based on LineageOS. He modified several configuration to match the hardware profile of the device.

The best part, Extreme Kernel is compatible on Poco F1 running either the official MIUI ROM (Global, China, Russia, India) or custom Android ROM (LineageOS, AOSP, Pixel Experience, etc.).

Despite its awesomeness, the installation is of this kernel is easy but you have to proceed with caution.

Creating full backup of your phone before flashing something is really a good practice. We strongly recommend you for this practice.

Neither we at MIUI.blog nor Alex Dev and all contributors will hold responsibility of any damage that might/may not happen with your phone. There is always a risk of flashing third-party binaries.

Make sure you proceed with caution.

Please read the whole steps thoroughly before actually implementing the procedure.

Let’s start!

How to flash Extreme Kernel on Poco F1

Step 0. Not really mandatory but you can run initial performance benchmark before overclocking. Apps like Antutu will help.

Step 1. You need to unlock the Poco F1 bootloader. This is a must. Please remember that you may lose your data because of unlocking process. However, unlocking bootloader will not void your warranty.

Step 2. Flash Orange Fox TWRP on your phone. You may use the official TWRP of course, but we prefer to use Orange Fox Recovery.

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Step 3. Download Extreme Kernel for Poco F1 zip file (eXtremeKernel_V9.1_POCOF1_69_HZ.zip). There are two builds that you can choose: 65Hz and 69Hz. Which one? That’s up to you. The number differs the overclocked level of screen display.

You can either download the file directly into your phone or download it to computer first then transfer it to your phone after that.

Step 4. Turn off your phone completely. Once it’s off, press the Power key and Volume Up key simultaneously. This will reboot your phone to Orange Fox TWRP.

Step 5. Choose “Install” from the main menu.

Step 6. Locate the Extreme Kernel zip file. Tap on it to select it.

Step 7. Now do the “Swipe to Install” action.

Step 8. Once done, go back to main menu. Tap “Reboot” then “Recovery“. This will reboot your phone back to recovery again. This is a good practice to make sure the flashed binaries really take place.

Step 9. This time choose “Reboot” then “System“.

Step 10. That’s it. Your phone will now boot into normal mode (e.g: running MIUI).

Overclock Poco F1 with Extreme Kernel - How to flash 2

Voila! There is no new app installed and there is no anything explicitly new. You may notice nothing being new in your phone. However, you may notice its performance becomes faster and sleeker now since you have overclocked it.

You can rerun the performance benchmark and you should get better score.

You can also do the real usage test. Play your favorite game and it will run smoother than it did before.

Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to send it to us in the comment section below.

What have been tweaked?

As per your reference, these are all parts of your system that have been tweaked and overclocked by this kernel:

- Kernel Based on LineageOS Source
- Kernel Upstreamed to 4.9.155
- TouchScreen Drivers from 9.1.24
- Face unlock improved
- Camera improvements
- Imported Firmware Changes from Xiaomi Pie Source
- GPU OC to 825 Mhz and eXtended GPU Table
- Slimbus OC
- Three Versions with Display OC (60 (Default),65 Hz,70 Hz)
- Tweaked TripnDroid
- 300Hz for Optimal Battery and Perf
- Added Smurfutil Governor
- 3200mA FastCharge
- Pixutil Governor
- Blu_Schedutil Governor
- Smurfutil Governor
- Boeffla WakeLock Blocker
- Fsync On/Off Support
- Kcal Color Control
- Zram Control
- Sound Control
- Vibration Control
- Disabled CRC Check (you can enable in KA)
- AdrenoBoost 2.2
- Reduced Latency
- USB Fast Charge
- Noop I/O Scheduler
- Deadline I/O Scheduler
- CFQ I/O Scheduler
- Fiops I/O Scheduler
- SIO I/O Scheduler
- ZEN I/O Scheduler
- Anxiety I/O Scheduler
- Maple I/O Scheduler
- BFQ I/O Scheduler
- TripnDroid I/O Scheduler
- Frandom
- Tweaked Westwood TCP Algorithm(default)
- F2FS Support
- Lot Tcp ALgorithms (westwood,reno,bic,ip,vages,SocioPath)
- Reduced latency
- Lot Improvements to Scheduler
- Lot of Performance and Battery Optimizations

Source: XDA Developers.


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