Fix GPS Position Accurate Location on Poco F1

Fix GPS Position Accurate Location on Poco F1 1

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 is company’s first affordable phone boasting monster hardware specifications. Many have surprised on how the company can manage to sell an Android phone powered with Snapdragon 845 and liquid cooling technology at a very affordable price.

However, this is not without a catch. A number of Poco F1 users claimed to face some issues regarding their Poco F1 devices. Fortunately, Xiaomi is always being pro-active in accepting feedback from their users through the Mi Fans community forum.

Users will never feel being left by the company.

One of known issue is the Location service. The GPS of Poco F1 sometimes found becomes unstable. When the issue happens, the phone takes unusual amount of time to obtain an exact accurate location.

How could this happen and how to fix this?

Luckily, there is a tweak to improve the GPS performance. Before we jump in to that matter, let’s find out how such thing happen.

First, the GPS chip requires at least three satellites to get an accurate position fix. The more satellites obtained, the more accurate the position is.

However, the process of scanning, searching, and obtaining signals from three satellites takes several minutes. This also depends on the actual position of the satellites orbiting near the earth and also depends on the coverage of clouds above the earth.

To speed up this process, the Android system asks for help to an A-GPS server on the Internet. The device sends a very rough estimate of its location. The information is sent to the A-GPS server.

Once received, the server grasps where on earth the device is located. Next, it searches for available satellites orbiting near that rough location.

The server will then send information of satellites locations to the device. This information is used by the device to gain satellite signal easily since it already know where the location of the satellite.

The big question is, how can the A-GPS server knows the rough estimate of device location and what kind of information was sent to the server if the device has no satellite signal?

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Meet the Mobile Country Code (MCC and MNC). The current cellular network ID and the ID of the cellphone were used for the server.

Read more about MCC and how it works here at WikiPedia.

The location of the cellular network with its cell ID was matched with the available database. The location of the cell or network was employed to assemble the satellite information that applies to the user’s location. The satellite information is then fed to the GPS chip. That’s it.

However, if the communication over the internet between the device and the server is interrupted, the process of obtaining GPS fix will occur longer than usual as well.

Causes of this issue could be several reasons:

  • The internet connection is slow.
  • The server is not responding.
  • Or the connection to the server has been blocked.

The workaround to fix the causes is simple: use a reliable A-GPS server.

Xiaomi devices employ China Telecom’s AGPS provider to fetch satellites information if requested by the devices. Some countries have poor connection with big latency to Mainland China. Replacing this server with another more reliable one is the answer.

How to Improve GPS Service in Poco F1

Step 1. Open up Settings on your phone.

Step 2. Type in “A-GPS” in the search bar.

Step 3. Choose “A-GPS Settings“.

Fix GPS Position Accurate Location on Poco F1 2

Step 4. Now adjust the available settings to reflect a new one below:

  • Access network type: All networks
  • A-GPS SI Mode: MSB
  • Server address:
  • Server port: 7276
  • Reset types: HOT
Fix GPS Position Accurate Location on Poco F1 3

Step 5. Tap more at the bottom then choose “Save

Voila! Your Poco F1 should now faster in obtaining GPS position.


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