eXtreme Kernel: Turbo-charge Poco F1 Performance

eXtreme Kernel: Turbo-charge Poco F1 Performance 1

Xiaomi Poco F1 is a beast. Unlock it and you can unleash the beast. Flash this custom Android Kernel to overclock its performance while maintaining stability and safety.

Enter eXtremeKernel! A custom kernel to turbo-charge default performance of an Android phone. Luckily, this kernel is fully compatible with Pocophone F1 device.

The Poco F1, codename Beryllium, is a lowered edition of a flagship phone. It sports the same powerful processors as Mi 8, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC.

This phone is the most affordable phone for gaming and on-device video editing.

However, some users may not get satisfied enough with its performance. Some still find it lagging during gameplays.

Know what? The phone can actually perform better and faster. The secret key is a balanced fine-tuning by overclocking its system.

There are some root-only apps to do the job but the actual end results may not as good as expected.

Overclocking, on the other hand, requires technical knowledge of programming and messing around with Android system source code.

Fortunately, there are some developers who are kind enough to build custom settings jump-packed in tweaks to alter the default kernel.

eXtreme Kernel by Alex Dev is one of the good ones. He stated that his fine-tuned kernel can fulfill your desire for performance and battery consumption.

It means you can boost its performance while keeping the system stable.

Key Features

  • Kernel Based on LineageOS Source
  • Kernel Upstreamed to 4.9.155
  • TouchScreen Drivers from 9.1.24
  • Face unlock improved
  • Camera improvements
  • Imported Firmware Changes from Xiaomi Pie Source
  • GPU OC to 825 Mhz and eXtended GPU Table
  • Slimbus OC
  • Three Versions with Display OC (60 (Default),65 Hz,70 Hz)
  • Tweaked TripnDroid
  • 300Hz for Optimal Battery and Performance
  • Added Smurfutil Governor
  • 3200mA FastCharge
  • Pixutil Governor
  • Blu_Schedutil Governor
  • Smurfutil Governor
  • Boeffla WakeLock Blocker
  • Fsync On/Off Support
  • Kcal Color Control
  • Zram Control
  • Sound Control
  • Vibration Control
  • Disabled CRC Check (you can enable in KA)
  • AdrenoBoost 2.2
  • Reduced Latency
  • USB Fast Charge
  • Noop I/O Scheduler
  • Deadline I/O Scheduler
  • CFQ I/O Scheduler
  • Fiops I/O Scheduler
  • SIO I/O Scheduler
  • ZEN I/O Scheduler
  • Anxiety I/O Scheduler
  • Maple I/O Scheduler
  • BFQ I/O Scheduler
  • TripnDroid I/O Scheduler
  • Frandom
  • Tweaked Westwood TCP Algorithm (default)
  • F2FS Support
  • Lot Tcp ALgorithms (westwood, reno, bic, ip, vages, SocioPath)
  • Reduced latency
  • Lot Improvements to Scheduler
  • Lot of Performance and Battery Optimizations
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You can download this ExtremeKernel Stable Build from direct links below. There are two variants: the 65Hz and 69Hz. Each refers to the overclocked display.

File name :
Version 9.1-65hz | 7026 downloads | Size: 16 MB
File name :
Version 9.1-69hz | 8833 downloads | Size: 16 MB

Changelog v9.1:

  • Kernel Upstreamed to 4.9.158
  • Display OC to 65 Hz or 69 Hz
  • 400 Hz for Best Performance and Battery
  • Added backlight max option
  • Cpu Input Boost
  • DevFreq Boost
  • Speculative Page Fault
  • Simple GPU Algorithm
  • Slimbus OC
  • Android Simple Memory Killer
  • Fixed HDR
  • Fixed Issues with GDrive
  • Optimatizations to Schedutil
  • Battery and Performance Optimizations

p.s: OC means Over Clock(ed).

This custom Kernel is compatible on both official MIUI 10 ROM or custom Android ROM such as LineageOS.

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Credits: https://extremekernel.xyz


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