Better than TWRP, Orange Fox for Poco F1 (Codename Beryllium)

Do you want to install TWRP on your Xiaomi Pocophone F1? Wait! Don’t do that before you read this. We at love TWRP so much, but we have met its ported version which is way better than the official TWRP.

Enter Orange Fox Recovery Project! Or we may call it Orange Fox TWRP.

Built based on the official code of TWRP, Orange Fox has additional features not available within the original TWRP. On top of that, it also has advanced themes feature so that you can adjust the looks and feels of its UI.

One of its features that we love the most is its ability to survive OTA. That’s it. You’ve heard it right.

You can still receive MIUI OTA update even though you have flashed a custom recovery on your phone. Normally, you have to always download the full MIUI Recovery ROM file (ZIP) and have to flash it through recovery.

The OFRP (its abbreviation) allows you to directly flash the OTA package just like it should be. However, there is an additional setting prior activating this feature. Have no worries! The process of activating MIUI OTA support is easy.

Instead of flashing the official TWRP on Poco F1, we recommend you to flash Orange Fox recovery instead.

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Nevertheless, if you already flashed TWRP before, you can switch to OFRP easily. Simply download and flash the OFRP ZIP file through TWRP.

You should directly try OFRP instead of TWRP if this is your first time flashing a recovery. Why?

First, OrangeFox already have in-built DM-Verity to avoid phone bootloop problem caused by flashing third-party binaries. Second, it also has Force Encryption Disabler. This is necessary to avoid commonly known problem of TWRP asking for password to decrypt data. Third, obviously because it can survive MIUI OTA update mechanism.

Better than TWRP, Orange Fox for Poco F1 (Codename Beryllium) 1

Download Orange Fox for Poco F1

The file is original, unaltered, and unmodified.

File name :
Version r9.0 | 1061 downloads | Size: 42 MB
File name :
Version r9.0.1 | 2621 downloads | Size: 42 MB

Poco F1, a phone with codename Beryllium, has a notch on its display.

The OFRP for Beryllium has better support for its notched display.

Since every custom recovery is device specific, you cannot flash it on other devices except Poco F1.

Credits and thanks to OFRP developers: darthjabba9 and mryacha.


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