How to Track My Wife’s Phone Without Target Phone

How to Track My Wife's Phone Without Target Phone 1

The husband’s wife’s relationship is all about trust and loyalty but things might get messy anytime due to some doubts. There could be a scenario where you would feel that you have to check your wife’s cell phone in order to clear your concerns about her doubtful activities.

Now the main issue is how would you be able to track your wife’s activities on her phone? All of us know that spying on any phone device or anything is not walking in the park. You have to be very professional when it comes to hacking a phone device so how to spy on Wife’s cellphone?

Things got way smart and easy in this modern era of technology, phone tracking as well. The only solution to tracking your wife’s phone is to use a phone spying app. These phone tracking apps can be used by everyone either from technical background or not.

You don’t have to learn any professional hacking skills to use a phone spying app to track a phone device. Now the question is that which is the best phone spying app? 

Spyine – A Professional Phone Monitoring App

Spyine is one of the leading phone tracking apps in the world right now. This cell phone monitoring app has everything you could expect from a quality and powerful phone tracking app. 

You can use this cell phone monitoring app easily without having any proper phone hacking skills. A question that might be revolving around in your mind is how to track my wife’s phone location without her knowing? Well, the good news is that you can track your wife using Spyine.

How to Track My Wife's Phone Without Target Phone 2

The compatibility support for phone devices is there, you can track both Android and iPhone devices. You might be thinking that what if I get caught while spying on my wife’s phone? Well, don’t worry about getting caught, the stealth mode of Spyine make this app undetectable. 

Spyine app aims to provide safe and risk free spying services to all customers which is why you’ll not have to Root or Jailbreak a device for phone tracking. Besides location tracking, you can also use a variety of other Spyine features. Let’s have a look at some other main features of Spyine.

Spyine Phone Spying Features

  • Location Tracking
  • Track Call Records
  • Track SMS
  • Social Media Spy
  • Track Web History
  • Geo Fence Alert
  • Track SIM Location

The surprising fact about Spyine is that it provides almost 35 spy features to its users for their requirements. Parents, employees, managers, almost every type of customer is using Spyine on a daily basis to meet their cell phone tracking needs. Parents are using Spyine for keeping a check on their children’s activities to ensure they are doing fine. Companies also use Spyine for monitoring their employees’ activities as well. 

How to Track My Wife’s Phone using Spyine

Now the time has come when we have to know how you can track your wife’s location without accessing her phone device. You have to follow all steps thoroughly and keep proceeding according to given instructions. First, you will have to create an account on Spyine, after that you’ll be able to track your wife’s location right from the dashboard screen of Spyine. 

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Step 1

Open your internet browser and go to the official site of Spyine. Tap on the SignUp for free button and start account creation by entering email and password.

How to Track My Wife's Phone Without Target Phone 3

Step 2

Select Android or iOS according to the OS of the device you want to target. In the case of Android, you will have to access your Wife’s android phone just for once to configure Spyine on the device. After first time access to target phone, you’ll have remote access to your wife’s phone.

How to Track My Wife's Phone Without Target Phone 4

If you choose an iOS, just enter the credentials of an iCloud account that is logged in your wife’s iOS device. Doing so will give you complete spying access to your wife’s iPhone without involving physical access.

Step 3

After following on-screen instructions, you have to wait for a few mins. The system of Spyine will verify all the data and details to complete the installation. After all processes, your Spyine account has been created, and now you can spy on that configured phone device.

How to Track My Wife's Phone Without Target Phone 5

After completing the account making process, the first thing you have to do is to revisit the official site of Spyine. Log in to your newly made account and you’ll be welcomed with the Spyine dashboard screen.

All spying features would be available right in your Spyine dashboard screen where you can easily access all phone spying features to use for tracking your wife’s phone device. Location Tracking feature would be accessible from those given features, you can use that feature to locate your wife’s phone device by viewing all addresses and coordinates.

In case you are still feeling confused and have concerns about Spyine, try out the demo version. Yes, you can try out the Demo app version of the Spyine spying app. All you have to do is to visit the Spyine site and click on the View Demo button to start the demo mode of the Spyine app.

You’ll be able to use Spyine on your own for going through the user interface and listing of features to know how things will work in Spyine. By the way, the Spyine app is a web-based app which means you can run this app on any web browser using any device either computer or phone.


After going through the Spyine review post, we are in the position to say that Spyine is one of the most competitive spying apps in the market. This app can be used for tracking both popular types of phone OS, Android, and iOS. We’ve realized how safe it is to use Spyine for phone tracking, there is no need to Root or Jailbreak your device for a phone spy. 

Also, we came to know that the Spyine app runs on stealth mode which makes it totally undetectable for anyone to catch you spying on a phone device.Spyine is a web-based app that is easy and feasible to run on any web browser. In short, you should go for Spyine if you are looking for a safe and professional phone monitoring app.


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