MIUI Theme Editor v10 Software – with English UI

Designing a User Interface is not an easy task to do. A person needs to have creativity in mind along with intuitive instinct to create a sleek UI design.

Not all people are good in design. However, with just enough tool to use, anyone can now design their own theme bundling their own UI styles.

Xiaomi developers team has managed to release the English version of MIUI Theme Editor tool. It is a software allows you to design and to create your own MIUI themes. It runs on Windows and Linux machines.

You might have enough design skill and good art instinct. However, you won’t be able to manifest that design without a proper tool. Actualizing a design concept into a usable theme needs a certain level of coding skills.

The Mi Theme Editor software comes bridging between a design concept and an embodied theme.

The software allows you to customize almost any aspects of MIUI user interface (UI). You can configure the general apps’ icons and system apps’ icons.

You can also specify the default wallpaper image used within the theme.

Furthermore, lockscreen and home screen area are also customize-able.

Even deeper, you can also adjust the appearance of all notifications: changing its style, color, icons, etc.

Several default system apps are also available for customization. For instance, changing the Messaging app including all buttons within the app.

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Download MIUI Theme Editor

It is a portable software. Once downloaded, you don’t need to install the tool. It has no installer nor setup file. Simply grab the package, extract its content, and run the software.

Grab it from the link below:

File name :
Version 19.4.12_1555060252 | 13891 downloads | Size: 272 MB
File name :
Version 10.0 | 13389 downloads | Size: 217 MB

You can also check for its latest version and download it from this link.

Some screenshot pics of its interface:

mi theme editor system icons
mi theme editor statusbar widgets
mi theme editor Notification UI
mi theme editor windows english

How to use?

  1. Download the package above.
  2. Extract using either WinRAR or 7zip.
  3. Run “MIUINewThemeEditor.exe” on Windows. Linux users need to execute “start-linux.sh“.
  4. Enjoy designing MIUI Theme!

Source: MIUI Community.


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