Mi 9 Specs: The 2019 Beast Unleashed

Mi 9 Specs: The 2019 Beast Unleashed 1

Finally, Xiaomi has rolled out its latest 2019 flagship models. Yup, there are two of them: The Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9 SE.

What have been equipped and how cool are these two beasts? Let’s find out below.

Februari 20th 2019, it’s yesterday, Xiaomi announced company’s first triple camera phones in China.

Dubbed as the latest flagship phone in 2019, Mi 9 comes powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. It is the latest high-end mobile chipset made by Qualcomm.

The System On Chip (SoC) boasts multi-gigabit 4G connectivity and on-device Artificial Intelligent (AI) processing. The SoC is manufactured using world’s most-updated 7nm finfet technology. It means the chipset capable delivering high performance while keeping power usage low.

Qualcomm’s 4th generation AI engine within the Snapdragon 855 can deliver smarter, faster and more secure experiences. The AI engine utilizes all CPU cores and packs 3 times the power of its predecessor.

The SoC also boasts its Snapdragon X50 Modem under the hood. This new modem supports 5G NR technology with mmWave at sub-6 GHz spectrum.

The Snapdragon 855 within Mi 9 sports Octa-core Qualcom Kryo 485 CPUs clocked at 2.84GHz, and Adreno 640 GPU. Those itself will boost overall performance especially for gaming tasks.

Having this device allows you to play heavy graphic demanding Android games. You can play PUBG or Fortnite with no lags.

Thanks to the Snapdragon 855, Xiaomi Mi 9 can achieve an Antutu benchmark score of more than 380,000. The combination of processing speed of Kryo 485, Adreno 640, and fast LPDDR4x 2133MHz RAM creates unmatched flagship phone.

Form Factors

Did you still remember how Poco F1 become cheap? It’s because form factors and build quality.

Both Poco F1 and Mi 8 runs Snapdragon 845. Its build quality makes Mi 8 as a flagship phone while Pocophone is not.

Mi 9 Specs: The 2019 Beast Unleashed 2

Xiaomi Mi 9 features all-curved back cover design and an advanced stylish holographic rainbow spectrum on its back cover.

The touchscreen display employs best quality Samsung AMOLED screen with 6.39-inch in size and 19.5:9 screen ratio. The notch has became smaller and now users call it “Dot Drop” display.

Moreover, the device also has a narrow “chin” that is just 3.6mm. As a result, the fabrication of Mi 9 produces a ridiculously incredible thin bezel.

Triple Cameras

The Mi 9 is a perfect device for mobile photography and videography addicts. The phone sports triple camera on its back.

The company dubbed the phone as AI Triple Camera. Having three cameras doesn’t necessarily mean that it would be difficult to use.

Mi 9 Specs: The 2019 Beast Unleashed 3

The utilization of Sony IMX586 1/2″ camera sensor is another thing that Xiaomi is proud about. With its high-resolution 48-megapixel camera, Mi 9 users are capable to capture stunning photos.

Mobile photographers will enjoy and feel spoiled using this phone. Just like Redmi Note 7 Pro, the camera sensor within Mi 9 can also combine four pixels to one, resulting in very sensitive 1.6μm large pixels sensor which which is very great for low light photography.

A hybrid phase detection technology and laser autofocus system are employed by Mi 9’s camera. As a result, the auto focus is insanely fast and accurate.

The other two cameras residing within its rear side are the 16MP ultra wide-angle camera and a 12MP telephoto camera.

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The ultra wide-angle camera sensors sports auto corrections of wide angle photos distortion. Mi 9 users will be capable to take better shots of wide landscapes, buildings and group photos.

The more insane thing about this wide-angle lens is its ability to capture macro photos. It can shot close objects starting at 4cm in range.

I think I’ve mentioned videographers, right? Xiaomi Mi 9 can capture super slow motion videos at 960fps (frames per second). It is perfect to create stunning cinematographic videos.

On top of that, its advanced motion tracking mode lets users smoothly record videos while following a moving object. You can find such a similar feature on DJI Go app for DJI Osmo Mobile gimbals.

Battery Juice

Xiaomi Mi 9 is powered with 3300mAh battery. You might be wondering of why such a small battery capacity.

Remember that newest Snapdragon 855 chipset? That machine is produced under 7nm processing technology. It can runs as fast as possible while maintaining power consumption as low as possible.

The Mi 9 phone employs Qualcomm Quick Charging QC4+. This patented technology boosts the charging speed. Mi 9 users can charge the battery juice to 70% in just 30 minutes. The full capacity charging will take up to 60 minutes.

On top of that, Mi 9 also sports wireless charging technology at 20W. Hence, the process of filling up the juice will occur in no time.

Highest Variant

If Mi 8 has Mi 8 Explorer Edition, the Mi 9 also has Mi 9 Transparent Edition. The phone sports everything available on its standard edition plus transparent back cover.

Mi 9 Specs: The 2019 Beast Unleashed 4

Its users can brag about the powerful beast living under the hood, the Snapdragon 855. This edition is perfect for enthusiasts.

In terms of performance, the Mi 8 TE boasts 12GB high-speed RAM which is the first of its class.

The main camera also gets a little boost. It has an upgraded f/1.47 large aperture and 7P camera lens. 7P means seven pieces of lenses. The 7P lens significantly increases the resolution of images and enhances its contrast. This lens produce a much stunning photo effect by improving the glare effects. This works better especially in telephoto mode.

Lowest Variant

Again, the release model is similar to Mi 8. Xiaomi Mi 9 also has its Mi 9 SE which is its compact version. Instead of using Snapdragon 855, Mi 9 SE sports Qualcomm’s brand new Snapdragon 712 chipset.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 SoC is built on a 10nm process and employs a sophisticated, multicore Qualcomm AI Engine consisting of the octa-core Qualcomm Kryo 360 CPUs, Qualcomm Adreno 616 GPU, and the Qualcomm Hexagon 685 DSPSource.

All other specifications are similar to its brother the Mi 9 standard edition.

All variants of Mi 9 employs a Dot Drop display.

Xiaomi Mi 9 will retail at RMB 2999 (USD 450), RMB 3299 (USD 491) and RMB 3999 (USD 595) for the 6GB+128GB, 8GB+128GB and 12GB+256GB (Transparent Edition), respectively.

Mi 9 SE is available starting from RMB 1999 (USD 398) for 6GB+128GB, and RMB 2299 (USD 342) for 6GB+128GB.

RMB to USD rate is using current rate while the article was posted.

Mi 9 Camera Sample Shots

Click on images to see its larger version.

Source: MIUI Forum.

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