Best Online Fax Services 2021 – A Short Review

Online fax software provides a convenient way of sending faxes. The days of owning a physical fax machine are long gone. We’re in the digital technology era where one mobile device can do the work of dozens of analog devices.

Best Online Fax Services 2021 - A Short Review 1

You can pay for the services of a physical fax machine in your local supply store, but it is expensive. Besides, figuring them out is a challenge, plus you need to wait around to confirm if your recipient received it. 

Fortunately, technology development has paved the way for online fax services. However, getting the right online fax service is another challenge. In this post, we simplify your search for the best online fax services available.  

#1 CocoFax – The most affordable, intuitive, and feature-rich fax service

As a popular online fax service, CocoFax allows you to send and receive faxes online. Users across the world trust CocoFax service for their faxing needs. You can send and receive faxes in different ways with CocoFax. 

The online fax provider has attracted the attention of major media houses like Forbes. CocoFax offers its users a free fax number and a 30-day free trial after signup.

Best Online Fax Services 2021 - A Short Review 2

With CocoFax, you can fax from any device provided you have access to the internet. To do so, you only need to sign in to your CocoFax dashboard using any web browser. The service even lets you fax from your email address. 

What’s more, CocoFax’s online fax service is safe since it uses the industry’s best encryption standards. 

Why should you consider CocoFax?

Besides the ability to fax from different platforms, CocoFax offers a lot of capabilities. Below are some of the things that make CocoFax worth your time and money. 

1. Safe 

With CocoFax, you get top-level encryption to make sure faxes are safe online. It ensures only you and the recipient or the sender of the fax can read the fax’s content. CocoFax complies with all data protection laws. 

For instance, it is HIPAA-compliant, which means it is safe for hospitals and healthcare organizations.

2. Provides advanced features 

CocoFax provides advanced features such as permanent storage, number portability, and smartphone support. It automatically backs up all the faxes in your account to ensure none of your faxes go missing. 

3. Saves you money

CocoFax eradicates the need to purchase expensive fax machines and accessories. The app lets you send and receive faxes on-the-go. So you can save your money to invest it in better use. 

Using CocoFax dashboard to fax online 

The process of sending and receiving faxes on CocoFax is as easy as sending and receiving emails. With CocoFax, you can use any device to send and receive faxes online. 

The only thing you need is a CocoFax dashboard to start faxing. Below are the simple steps involved: 

Step 1: Visit the official CocoFax website to signup for your account. When signing up, you will be able to choose a custom fax number. Also, in the process, you will receive 30 days of the free trial.

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Best Online Fax Services 2021 - A Short Review 3

Step 2: Now, log in to your CocoFax dashboard. Hit the “New Fax” button to open a new window for sending a fax. The new window will allow you to draft the fax, attach fax files, and include the recipient fax number.

Best Online Fax Services 2021 - A Short Review 4

Provide the recipient fax number in the ‘To’ field. If you have any content for the header, add it to the ‘Subject’ field. For cover page content, fill it in the body section of the fax. 

Step 3: When you are done drafting the fax, hit the “Send” button to transmit the fax. Within a few seconds, you will receive a notification in your CocoFax dashboard about the sent fax status. 

Receiving faxes in CocoFax 

With CocoFax, incoming faxes go directly into your CocoFax inbox on the dashboard. Only provide the sender with your CocoFax fax number. Once, the fax is received, you will receive a notification in your CocoFax inbox. 

Also, you will get a copy of the fax in your email as a pdf file. 

#2 eFax

With eFax, you get another remarkable online fax service. However, it is expensive and can be cumbersome to use on the desktop compared to other providers. It allows you to fax from your email client or a web interface. 

The high upfront set up fee, and the problematic user interface of this online fax service hold it back. Also, it costs more to send faxes to international numbers. 

#3: RingCentral

RingCentral gives you a modern look and lets you send many pages a month. The thing is, the monthly subscription is too high for a service that lacks crucial features like a digital signature. 

Although RingCentral provides a sleek user interface, it does not support international numbers. Besides, the base plan for this online fax service is very high. 

What’s more, it charges extra if you want to send a fax outside the US. Another area Ring central falls short is that it never includes two-factor authentication. Also, it doesn’t provide fax numbers outside the US. 

#4 HelloFax

Another excellent online fax service is HelloFax. It offers a great user interface and a built-in editor, making it easy to deal with attachments. However, it doesn’t provide a dedicated mobile app. 

#5 Metrofax 

This online fax service provides an affordable monthly plan and a mobile app. However, it is a bare-bone online fax service. Also, the user interface needs an upgrade. 


The best online fax service should let you fax easily. In this post, we have highlighted the best online fax services for 2021. CocoFax stands out, so check it out. It may surprise you.

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