Fastest Xiaomi’s 5G Speed is 787 Mbps

Fastest Xiaomi's 5G Speed is 787 Mbps 1

The adoption of the 5G technology becomes more massive and the technology is just around the corner. Many phone manufacturers have started to release more phone variants supporting 5G connectivity, with either SA or NSA mode.

In dummy words, 5G is the fifth generation of cellular network technology. As the next successor, 5G comes with higher bandwidth which translates into faster connections in both downloads and uploads.

Currently, the adoption of 5G technology is not common yet in all major countries. Developed countries like the US, Germany, South Korea, and the UK have at least one mobile carrier with 5G support.

The adoption of 5G on a large scale is going to happen. Many carriers have started to prepare the 4G-to-5G transformation.

While the infrastructure to support 5G is under development, phone manufacturers have managed to roll out devices compatible with the 5G networks, including Xiaomi.

Xiaomi rolls out several phones, mostly flagships, to support 5G networks. If you can afford one, Mi 9 Pro and Mi Mix 3 are devices with 5G connectivity.

The company is planning to release at least 10 more 5G devices in the near future. One of them is Redmi K30, the next-generation flagship killer. The phone will ship with both Standalone and Non-Standalone modes.

Standalone (SA) means the device will use and rely entirely on the 5G network while the NSA mode will also use 4G networks to strengthen the signal.

Now the big question is, how fast is the 5G network?

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Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi, run a speed test using one of company’s flagship phone over 5G connection. The result is impressive.

He did multiple tests to find out how fast the maximum 5G connection speed is. Initially, his download speed was 400 Mbps. Later on, Lei Jun subsequently got a download speed of 787 Mbps which was the fastest speed achieved.

Wow! That’s insane! Xiaomi’s 5G download speed is 787 Mbps.

Fastest Xiaomi's 5G Speed is 787 Mbps 2

During the same event in China, Lei Jun also expressed his surprised feeling about the unexpected big demand of Mi 9 Pro 5G. Currently, the device is still out of stock. He could never imagine that consumers’ interest in the phone is massive.

With the rapid deployment of 5G technology by carrier operators, Lei Jun expects big number of sales driven by 5G phone series.

It has huge opportunities, and there are huge challenges and risks. Everyone has different plans and schedules. However, Xiaomi is optimistic and radical.” he added.

At current normal 4G speed, we can watch any Youtube videos without lagging for buffering. We believe there will be no significant discrepancies in day-to-day use.

Nevertheless, the significant improvement is the Internet connection speed allows a seamless download of large files. Having that in mind, fetching full MIUI ROM package will be faster and hence the MIUI update process as well.

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