Xiaomi Phone with 7 Cameras Is About To Come, A Patent Shows

Xiaomi Phone with 7 Cameras Is About To Come, A Patent Shows 1

Xiaomi never seems to run out of ideas to continue to develop themselves. It can be seen from one of the patents that they have recently registered at the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA).

The registered patents show a unique pop-up camera design. In fact, the patented design of the pop-up camera is similar to the design found on Oppo Find X, which is to place the rear camera and front camera in a wide enough pop-up mechanism.

However, the design patented by Xiaomi is a bit strange and unique if we take a closer look at it.

There are 3 popup camera designs that have been registered by Xiaomi, all the three carry two front cameras.

The three designs come with different rear camera formations. Some use two, three and five rear cameras. Hence, there will be a variant having a total of seven cameras in one pop-up mechanism.

Xiaomi Phone with 7 Cameras Is About To Come, A Patent Shows 2

Will this phone really come to the consumer markets? This patent is very impossible to produce, frankly. However, if this patent becomes a reality, it will be interesting to see how Xiaomi can hide that many sensors in a fairly narrow and hidden area.

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It is also possible if Xiaomi succeeded in realizing the design of the pop-up camera that is being registered for the patent.

Recalling a little bit about the origin of Xiaomi, the other name of Xiaomi is Mi which is closely associated with Mission Impossible. That said, Xiaomi will always try to realize missions that are considered as an impossible thing.

In fact, there are other phone companies filed patents over strange phone designs recently.

Previously, Vivo had registered a patent showing a punch-hole display that housed four front cameras.

In addition, Oppo also registered a patent for a pop-up camera design that pops up from the side.

Could the three device companies be able to realize the patent they registered? Well, we look forward to it. Is this really a mission impossible for Xiaomi? Let’s wait and see.

via Patentleak.

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