All Working Gcam APKs for Mi Note 10

All Working Gcam APKs for Mi Note 10 1

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is the latest variant of the Mi Note series. Some people are still confused to distinguish between Redmi Note and Mi Note series. Actually, the later is the premium version and is released directly under the Xiaomi brand. FYI, Redmi is now a sub-brand of Xiaomi.

Mi Note 10 is basically the same phone as Mi CC9 Pro except the earlier is released for the global markets. The device that has codename Tucana is the first smartphone featuring a Penta-camera setup.

Its main camera is an astonishing 108MP sensor with 7P lens (7 pieces). The other cameras accompanying the main sensor are a 12MP f/2.0 50mm telephoto camera, a 5MP (upscaled to 8MP) f/2.0 telephoto camera, a 20MP f/2.2 13mm ultrawide camera, and a 2MP f/2.4 1/5″ 1.75µm dedicated macro camera.

The Mi Note 10 is a dreaming phone for mobile photography addicts. The phone can uplift the productivity of a hobbyist photographer using only a single smartphone.

Coming with the Penta (read Five) cameras is the official MIUI camera app. The stock camera app is not bad at all. In fact, the app fully supports all five cameras.

However, the popularity of Google Camera (gcam) is so tempting and is irresistible.

GCam is the default camera app originally available in the Pixel phones. It packs with advanced software algorithm developed behind the team of Google Developers.

Google Pixel phones (Pixel 2, 3, and 4) are flagship phones despite they do not come with a triple, quad, or Penta camera setup. Google proves that producing high-quality photos does not necessarily need many cameras.

Nevertheless, some people think it better to have many cameras combined with a good camera app.

Thanks to BSG and Arnova who have managed to port Gcam for other devices including Mi Note 10.

Download Gcam APK for Mi Note 10

Nowadays, there are many developers have managed to port Gcam. Hence, there are so many builds, variants, and versions available.

This leads many people to the confusion of which build to use. Why? Because there is no exact version fully compatible with specific phones and all gcam ports are not always working.

It is normal to try a certain version of ported gcam if it crashes.

There is no single ported gcam created to be compatible for all Android phones. Therefore, the only solution is a trial and error.

Alternatively, you can look for what others have used and then start your quest from there.

Below we list all tested builds of ported gcam for Mi Note 10. All these gcam APKs have been tested by real users.

Gcam by Fu24

Tested by Bradspar, this gcam supports at least 3 of the 5 cameras of Mi Note 10. He saw a mixed performance of this gcam. At first, it seemed to be working okay, but it does crash occasionally.

File name :
Version 6.1.021 (fu24 v1.6) | 5919 downloads | Size:

Another Fu24’s build below has been tested by Silviuk. He confirms this APK output 27 MP photos from the main camera. It also works with the ultrawide and 2x telephoto camera.

The 27MP is the full resolution produced by the pixel-binning technology of the 108MP camera.

File name :
Version 6.1.021 (fu24 v1.6 01h) | 1640 downloads | Size:

Gcam by Cstark

Silviuk has also tested another gcam port by Cstark. He states that the app seems to work rather well on Night Mode and even (forced) astrophotography mode. The saturation is lower than normal while increasing to the max value doesn’t seem to have any effect.

It works, however.

File name :
Version 7.2.014 (px v4.0) | 1098 downloads | Size:

Another compatible build of ported gcam by Cstark27 is the one below. This APK has been tested by Edlover666, FCBayernMinga, and Latoc.

The focus isn’t always sharp, especially in a low light condition. The Astrophotography Mode is really fine. Also, the sharpness seems to be better than in the stock MIUI camera.

File name :
Version 7.2.014 (px v4.1.1) | 983 downloads | Size:

Gcam by Urnyx

The first build by Urnyx has been tested to work on Mi Note 10 by Djisma86 and Zimonty. This gcam is really good and the default setup captures photo at 27MP. You can get optimal results by following this suggestion: Enable the wide and telephoto cameras in the Settings, then go to library patchers from the Advanced Settings and set the contrast to 2.0.

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You may also want to go under the Advanced tab, and change the auto white balance to IMX586.

File name :
Version 7.2.010 (urnyx05 v1.4) | 1070 downloads | Size:

The second build has been tested by Zimonty and Mezza8512. The later user confirms the results in night mode are strongly better than the night mode of the stock MIUI camera. It is very very sharper, especially if you set all the noise kill parameters to 0.75 and contrast to 1.125. Colours are perfect without touching anything at all.

The drawback: Sometimes the app loses focus in most of the scenes. The zoom and wide-angle modes are working but not properly.

File name :
Version 7.2.010 (urnyx05 v1.6) | 327 downloads | Size:

The third gcam APK by Urynix has been tested by Silviuk. The Urnyx 1.7 works well and it fixes the rotation issue when capturing in the landscape mode.

File name :
Version 7.2.010 (urnyx05 v1.7) | 471 downloads | Size:

The latest Urnyx build has been tested by Dazed1. This version has 2 fold better focus as he tested this many many times. The colours are also significantly better, very rich and a lot better compared to the 1.4, even with saturation set to 1.2-1.5.

Probably, this is the best Gcam build by Urnyx for Mi Note 10.

File name :
Version 7.2.010 (urnyx05 v1.9) | 3196 downloads | Size:

Gcam by Parrot043

This is the only Gcam build said to have better compatibility to Mi CC9 Pro which is the Chinese variant of Mi Note 10. Hence, if your device is running MIUI 11 China ROM, use this build instead. Tested by Sylar82. You need to change “use Pixel AWB Mod” to OmniVision 13855.

File name :
Version 7.0.009 (parrot043 v13) | 944 downloads | Size:

Gcam by Jairo_Rossi (Hypercam)

Edlover666 has also tested Hypercam and confirmed to work better. Hypercam can also produce good colours with AWB of zf6 or IMX586.

File name :
Version e3.0_p | 580 downloads | Size:

Gcam by UltraM8

UltraCam is based off Urnyx05 versions with additions and tunings from UltraM8 for his primary device with main focus on the IMX586 sensor. This ported gcam build has been tested by Zimonty and Latoc. The later tester discovered when playing around with Ultra cam that if you activate libpatcher, without even changing any settings, just activate it, the sharpness increases dramatically. It’s a whole new game.

File name :
Version 7.2 (ultra v1.1.8) | 1578 downloads | Size:


How to install? Simply download the APK file(s), and install it as usual. You will need to enable Installation from Unknown Sources if this your first time.

Do I need to enable Camera2 API? No, Mi Note 10 comes with Camera2 API enabled by default.

Do I need to unlock bootloader? No, you don’t need to.

Do I need to root my phone? No, you don’t need to.


There are so many variants of Gcam ports. There are too many to try one by one. Thankfully, there are always early users who are willing to go extra miles to try potential Gcam ports for Mi Note 10.

The list is basically exhaustive. There will be more builds compatible for Mi Note 10. The above list is limitless. Please, feel free to add gcam version(s) you have tried. Tell us more in the comment section below.


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