LR.Team TWRP for Mi CC9 by WZSX150: The First Recovery Released

LR.Team TWRP for Mi CC9 by WZSX150: The First Recovery Released 1

Xiaomi announced Mi CC 9 together with its brother Mi CC 9e in July 2019. Both devices target youngster and millennial smartphone users. Hence, the team behind Xiaomi designed the device to be as cool as possible.

Specs-wise, Mi CC9 boasts Qualcomm SDM710 Snapdragon 710 (10 nm) chipset featuring Octa-core CPUs. The talked CPUs consist of 2x 2.2GHz Kryo 360 Gold and 6x 1.7GHz Kryo 360 Silver processors. Combining the CPUs with Adreno 616 GPU makes the phone more than an attractive device but is powerful as well.

Recently, the owners of Mi CC9 receive good news with the release of first-ever TWRP custom recovery. Thanks to WZSX150 by! As always, he manages to build a working unofficial version of TWRP recovery for many Xiaomi devices.

With this release, it opens possibilities to further modifications including rooting the Mi CC9.

This TWRP is also compatible for Mi 9 Lite (The Europe edition of Mi CC9).

WZSX’s TWRP is well-known as Chinese TWRP due to its default language set to Chinese. This setting is switch-able to English easily. We have a dedicated tutorial for the task.

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Read: How to change the language in WZSX TWRP from Chinese to English.

Download WZSX TWRP for Mi CC9

The flash-able image file (.img) is compressed in the zip file below. The zip file also contains a one-click flasher tool which is sadly in Chinese.

There are also minimal ADB Fastboot files included. However, we recommend you to use Platform Tools.

File name :
Version 3.3.1-0709 | 731 downloads | Size: 29 MB

Flashing a custom recovery will overwrite the official one (stock Mi recovery). Losing the Mi Recovery means losing MIUI OTA update mechanism. You may still receive the MIUI OTA package but flashing the downloaded OTA zip file is not possible.

Hence, you may need to download the full MIUI Recovery ROM zip file and flash it through TWRP.

Lastly, flashing TWRP requires an unlocked bootloader. The process of unlocking bootloader is painless but you may reset your phone with all your data being lost. However, the result will worth the effort.

We posted a nice simple guide on how to flash TWRP and to root Mi CC9 here.


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