All Working Gcam APKs for Mi A3 (with Astrophotography)

All Working Gcam APKs for Mi A3 (with Astrophotography) 1

Google Android One coming on the Xiaomi Mi A3 already has its own camera app. The default one is already awesome. However, using Google’s owned camera app (gcam) will be more awesome.

Xiaomi Mi A3 is the successor of the Android One series released by Xiaomi. It is the project of where Google will maintain the operating system directly while Xiaomi as the OEM will take care of the hardware and its sales marketing.

At the first of its inception, Xiaomi Mi A series was invented to tackle good photography mobile device. It is equipped with good camera hardware, capable processing chipset, and of course a good software.

Nowadays, there are more and more devices released by Xiaomi equipping good camera setup for instance: Mi Note 10, Mi 9T, Redmi K20, Mi 9T Pro, Redmi K20 Pro, Redmi Note 8/8Pro, etc.

Xiaomi Mi A3, despite not being the best mobile photography device, still comes with the good camera setup. It boasts triple-camera setup consisting of 48 MP camera sensor (with f/1.8aperture, wide-angle lens, 1/2.0″ sensor size, 0.8µm per pixel size), 8 MP camera sensor (with f/2.2 aperture, 13mm ultrawide lens, 1/4.0″ sensor size, 1.12µm per pixel size), and the 2 MP depth sensor camera (with f/2.4 aperture).

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The combination of the cameras and the default camera app is capable of producing stunning photos. Some users, however, prefer to level up its performance by installing third-party camera apps. One of the best alternatives is Google Camera.

Originally available within Google Pixel phones (Pixel 2, Pixel 3/3XL, and Pixel 4/4XL), the camera app is not available and is not compatible for other Android devices.

Thankfully, developers such as BSG and Arnova have managed to modify the app and ported it for phones other than Pixel.

Nowadays, there have been a plethora of choices in terms of variants, versions, and builds of Google Camera. From hereafter, we can simply call it as Gcam.

The great number of ported gcam variants (or versions) make it impossible to try them all. Meanwhile, not all of them are compatible with all Android phones. There are some versions compatible with certain series of phones while they are not working on other phones.

The solution to this matter is easy. Simply use what other users proved it works.

In the case of Mi A3, there are some known versions of Gcam to work properly on the device that has codename laurel_sprout.

Download them below..

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Gcam v6.x for Mi A3

Google Camera version 6 is the major overhaul of Gcam v5. It has a totally different interface than v5. Furthermore, it adds Night Sight which is perfect to capture photos in the low light condition.

Activating this mode is a must for those who love Night Photography.

These gcam v6 APK files are compatible with Mi A3:

Gcam Port by Xtreme:

– New lib: Gmm23.
– Dark mode (If system-wide dark mode enabled).
– New AWB: IMX 586 (thx to Savitar).
– The fixed green tint in shadows.
– Added Antibanding mode.
– Minor changes and bugfixes.

File name :
Version 6.1.021 xcam6 beta11 | 541 downloads | Size:

Gcam Port by Marlin-ku

File name :
Version 6.2.030 ar 01.05 | 162 downloads | Size: 117 MB

Gcam Port by TlnNeun

File name :
Version 6.2.030 (v0.2c) | 125 downloads | Size: 137 MB

Gcam v7.x for Mi A3

Version 7 of Google Camera has no big differences over its version 6. There is a new and phenomenal feature tho: The Astrophoto Mode. Once activated, you will be able to capture stunning photos of great blue sky at night. Such a photography genre is called Astro Photography.

Of course, there are more improvements, enhancements, and bugs fix added under the hood.

Gcam v7 Port by The_Dise

File name :
Version 7.2.018 (thedise v.3.11) | 1108 downloads | Size:

Gcam v7 Port by Parrot043


• Added fix astrophoto. Thank you cstark27.
• Added Astrophoto Force.
• Fixed shutter speed on Samsung S8 Active.
• Astrophoto with a long exposure became rare to do “black pictures”.
• Added share photo via Telegram X and Vkontakte.
• Fixed the function of movement.
• Added in Lib patcher ISO selection.
• Fixed retouching on the front camera.
• Added fix-Slow-motion.
• Added a switch fix to 1/8 in Slow motion.
• Fixed “auto-timer” function on the front camera.
• Added item “Exposure in night shooting”.
• Added a patcher for astrophoto.
• Added category settings item “More”.
• Split 4K switch for “Acceleration” function.
• Added Sabre Force.
• Maximum zoom in the video is 10x.
• Updated icons to some items.

File name :
Version 7.2.014 (parrot043 v1) | 725 downloads | Size:

Gcam Port v7 by CStark

File name :
Version 7.2.014 (px v4.2) | 355 downloads | Size:


File name :
Version e3.0_p | 216 downloads | Size: 81 MB


Here’s what Gcam looks like on the Mi A3:

All Working Gcam APKs for Mi A3 (with Astrophotography) 2
credits: Soliman.sohan

Which one works best for you? Share your experience in the comment form below.


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