Stock and Patched Boot Image Files for Xiaomi Mi A2 (Now MIUI 11 Android 10)

Stock and Patched Boot Image Files for Xiaomi Mi A2 (Now MIUI 11 Android 10) 1

We list all available boot image files of both stock and patched builds for Xiaomi Mi A2 Android One phone. All the files are available for download via direct hotlinks hosted on our servers.

Xiaomi Mi A2 is the next iteration of Mi A1, Xiaomi’s first Android One that brought great success for the company. Xiaomi has managed to roll out the iterations which are Mi A2 and Mi A3. Rumours hint the company to release the Mi A4 in the near future.

What is Android Boot Image?

Boot image plays an important role for any Android devices. Boot image of an Android ROM is part of a vendor-proprietary image responsible for bringing up the kernel on a device. Shortly, it helps the device boot.

The Android boot image (boot.img) file contains the kernel and ramdisk, critical files necessary to load the device before the filesystem can be mounted. Boot image holds all the essential files that are automatically loaded onto the root of filesystem every time your phone boots (source 1, source 2).

The stock boot image is a boot.img file that comes with the official Android ROM for your phone. On the other hand, the patched boot.img file is the modified version that contains altered binaries for a certain purpose.

Why Do You Need A Patched Boot Image?

In most cases, users employ a patched boot image to gain root access.

You may need a patched boot image to avoid bootloader checking of some variables. Hence, you can do whatever purpose you aim it for, for instance, rooting.

Patched boot image acts as a pre-rooted package. Booting your phone using patched boot image allows you to install Magisk (or the discontinued SuperSU) without having to flash TWRP recovery.

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Download Mi A2 Boot Image (Stock and Patched)

We have collected all available stock and patched boot images of Android One ROM for Xiaomi Mi A2 codename Jasmine_sprout. Patched boot images are generated by Magisk Manager while the stock boot images are extracted directly from the official Android One ROM.

All the files below are hosted on our servers for your download convenient.

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Choose the appropriate version of boot images according to the version of Android One OS currently running on your phone.

Both the stock and the patched boot image (.img) files are compressed in a single zip file except for the version and version Both zip files contain only the patched boot image.

Oldest builds can be found in the bottom of the page while the newer ones are on top.

UPDATED: MIUI 11 Based on Android 10.0 Q

File name :
Version | 1718 downloads | Size: 23 MB

Older versions:

File name :
Version | 704 downloads | Size: 20 MB
File name :
Version | 429 downloads | Size: 39 MB
File name :
Version | 145 downloads | Size: 39 MB
File name :
Version | 82 downloads | Size: 39 MB
File name :
Version | 51 downloads | Size: 39 MB
File name :
Version | 48 downloads | Size: 39 MB
File name :
Version | 30 downloads | Size: 39 MB
File name :
Version | 91 downloads | Size: 49 MB
File name :
Version | 73 downloads | Size: 49 MB
File name :
Version | 202 downloads | Size: 38 MB

How to Flash A Boot Image?

Flashing either the stock or the patched boot image is basically easy. The only requirements are an unlocked bootloader and ADB Drivers installed.

Once everything is ready, simply issue the magic command below in the ADB-Fastboot interface (using command prompt Window):

fastboot flash boot_partition bootimage.img

Replace the boot_partition with the partition you wish it to become active. Also, replace the “bootimage.img” with the boot image file name.

The example below will flash a patched boot image to partition b:

fastboot flash boot_b patched_boot.img

While example below will flash the stock boot image to partition a:

fastboot flash boot_a boot.img

How to find out the currently active partition? Use the simple command below:

fastboot getvar current-slot

That’s all.

We hope these Android One boot image files above useful for you.

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