Ported Google Camera for Mi A2 (All Working APKs)

Ported Google Camera for Mi A2 (All Working APKs) 1

Picking the right Google Camera (Gcam) apps is a little bit tricky. Thanks to a bunch of ported gcam variants by various developers.

Ported gcam app means the unofficial build of Google Camera. The app is basically a default camera app coming within Google Pixel devices. Pixel phones are flagship Android devices considerably.

Each of them come with single-camera setup while currently, multiple cameras have become a standard nowadays. Amazingly, the photos and videos quality captured on Pixel phones are top-notch. In fact, Pixel phones become one of the world’s best mobile photography devices.

This success is apparently backed up by software employing bleeding-edge technology. Hence, the Google Camera app becomes so popular. This popularity attracts third-party developers to port the app making it compatible with many non-Pixel Android phones.

Led by Arnova8G2 and BSG, the development of ported Gcam becomes rapidly going on. More developers are flourishing. Backrider, San1ty, cstark, Xtreme, Arthur, and marlinku are just a few of them.

With so many developers and a bunch of variants to choose for, it becomes time-consuming just to pick the working version of Gcam for our phones.

What about Xiaomi Mi A2? Mi A2 users are not exclusive to this condition.

Since you’ve come to this page, I assume you have the device on hand and currently looking for gcam to use on the Mi A2.

This post aims to cut the long process of searching and trial so that you can pick the one that actually works on your Xiaomi Mi A2.

Download Gcam APK for Xiaomi Mi A2

We’ve done the hard work for you. We come with some of the working Gcam builds (and/or proven already by other users).

All of these gcam apps for Mi A2 are available for free download. All of these builds are the most compatible ones to run on Mi A2 despite some bugs.

None build is perfectly compatible, we just need to find the one with the least bugs.

One more thing, all of Gcam app APKs in this page need Camera2 API enabled. Use the Camera2 API Probe app to check whether the Cam2 API is enabled or not.

Recommend guide:
How to Enable Camera2 API on Xiaomi Mi A2.

Gcam v5.x

Gcam version 5.x is originally the ported from Pixel 2 (and Pixel 2 XL). This is the version that boosts the popularity of Gcam ports all over the world.

The one from Arnova8G2 is known as the most compatible one with sleek performance. This build is suggested by PianistaPL.

File name :
Version 8.1 (pixel 2 mod) | 5025 downloads | Size: 37 MB

Gcam v6.1

Google Cam version 6.1.x originally comes within the latest update of Pixel 2 and the early coming of Pixel 3. It already employs different user interface and additional features including Night Sight. SAEED prefers to use this build.

File name :
Version 6.1.0210 (v1.3 beta) | 1233 downloads | Size: 80 MB

Gcam v6.2

Google Camera version 6.2.x is the best of Pixel 3’s app (and 3 XL). It is the modified build of gcam with stunning key features. Engadget highlights all of the best features this version of Gcam has. Some of them are Night Sight, Top Shot, Photobooth, Group Selfie, Super Res Zoom, Motion Auto-Focus, and so on.

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Gcam v6.2.024 by Bulkin: This build is tested by manivenkat9991. He states that this build is fully stable with no lag. However, you may expect a not-working Slow Motion mode.

File name :
Version 6.2.024 (v12.3r) | 1090 downloads | Size: 95 MB

The newer, version 6.2.030, comes with upgraded features of the app. Some of the suggested builds are below – recommended by Hungry_muffin.

Gcam v6.2.030 by Arnova8G2:

File name :
Version 6.2.030 advanced (v2.2.190716.1800) | 813 downloads | Size: 87 MB

Gcam v6.2.030 by The Dise: Time Lapse feature is working.

File name :
Version 6.2.030 dise ver.3.0 | 569 downloads | Size: 86 MB

Gcam v6.2.030 by Bulkin: Time Lapse is working but you may expect force close of front camera.

File name :
Version 6.2.030 (v2q) | 638 downloads | Size: 105 MB

Gcam v7.x

Google Camera Ports version 7.x are extracted and modified from the upcoming Google Pixel 4 (at the time of writing). version 7 comes with a totally different user interface (UI). The camera modes are now located underneath the camera switch, shutter, and gallery buttons.

Previously, there were 3 Night Sight focus level options in the Gcam v6: Autofocus, Near, and Far. Version 7 brings another focus level: Infinity.

Ported Google Camera for Mi A2 (All Working APKs) 2
Image credits: XDA.

XDA Developers website elaborates some features of leaked Gcam v7 here.

One of the earlier Build is Nullbytelp’s. You can download Gcam v7 APK for Mi A2 below. However, please expect some bugs.

File name :
Version 7.0.009 (v1.0) | 2573 downloads | Size: 138 MB


  • 1080p video doesn’t work. Switch to 720p or 4K.
  • Motion photos are broken. Disable them to prevent crashes.
  • There is a portrait, hexagon and tint fix in mod settings.
  • Other modes have not been tested but should work.

We’ll update this post once newer and more stable versions become available. Stay tuned!


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