Pitch Black TWRP for Mi A2 (Mirror Links)

Pitch Black TWRP for Mi A2 (Mirror Links) 1

Below you can download Pitch Black Recovery Project (PBRP) for Xiaomi Mi A2 codename Jasmine_sprout. Pitch Black is the ported version of TWRP, the world’s most popular custom recovery for Android phones.

TWRP itself is already great. PBRP, on the other hand, is one level greater. It packs advanced features not available within the official TWRP build.

You can enjoy all basic features of the original TWRP while also making use of special features available only in the PBRP.

What is Pitch Black Recovery? The developer says it as the fork of TWRP with many improvements to make users’ experience better. It is more flexible and easy to use even for a newbie.

PBRP is a project started by PitchBlack Team consisting of several members such as Rezaadi0105, Firewolfxda, Manjot.gni, Androiabledroid, Arbaz Khan, and some others.

The one for Xiaomi Mi A2 is built and maintained by Manish4586 and his build has managed to go official.

PBRP Key Features:

  • Supports Treble and non-Treble ROMs.
  • Up-to-date Oreo/Pie kernel, built from sources.
  • Full dark theme with changeable accents.
  • Reorganized menus.
  • OTA support.
  • Disable DM Verity.
  • Use AromaFM as the default file manager.
  • Various tools are included.
  • Universal flash-able file for all variant of a device.
  • Many bug fixes, optimization, and much more.

Download Pitch Black Recovery for Mi A2

Xiaomi Mi A2 is one of the devices under Android One umbrella. Unlike most MIUI devices, Xiaomi Android One devices including Mi A2 have Slot A/B partitions.

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Luckily, this PBRP already supports Android One A/B Slot.

You can download PBRP from its official Source Forge page here. Alternatively, you can also grab it from our mirror direct links below.

The files are hosted on our servers in Europe and the US. All files are copied directly with no modifications.

Download PBRP Image File for Mi A2:

File name :
Version 2.9.0 | 438 downloads | Size: 32 MB

Download PBRP ZIP Installer for Mi A2:

File name :
Version 2.9.0-20190624-0913 | 279 downloads | Size: 38 MB

Specific key features and changes of PBRP v2.9.0 for Mi A2:

  • All partitions are mounting.
  • Can change Slot A/Slot B on PBRP.
  • Add system_image mount point to flash system images.
  • Fixed MTP and OTG issues.
  • Fixed JDI Pannels issue on pie Added Pie Support.
  • Fixed Pie permanent TWRP.
  • Added Pie decryption support.
  • Added Splash image support.
  • Fixed decryption for nov patch.
  • Updated kernel.
  • Updated DM Verity Logic.
  • Updated Magisk Root.
  • Updated unroot Magisk.
  • Some bugs fixed.

Furthermore, PBRP v2.9.0 for Mi A2 is based on TWRP v3.3.1-0.

Screenshot Pics:

Exactly looks like what its name, the main recovery interface is pitch black. Dark Mode lovers will love this recovery so much.

Click on images to see its larger version.

You’ll need an unlocked bootloader to be able to flash a custom recovery, either TWRP or its forks such as this PBRP.

Credits and thanks: Manish4586.


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