Xiaomi.eu MIUI ROM for Mi 9 (Codename Cepheus)

Xiaomi.eu MIUI ROM for Mi 9 (Codename Cepheus) 1

Xiaomi Mi 9 is the flagship device released this year (2019). It’s the company’s first device powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855.

It’s a real beast available at a very affordable price. Mi 9 is the best contender to other flagships by big brands like Samsung, Pixel, HTC, OnePlus, etc.

The device is first available in China. Some people get this device directly from China online stores such as Banggood, Gearbest, Alibaba/AliExpress, etc.

However, the China Mi 9 runs MIUI 10 China Stable ROM. It has only two languages, China and English.

Of course users can easily choose English for its default language.

There are two drawbacks. First, users cannot select local languages according to their local country. Russian, Polish, Hindi, Bengali, Spainish, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Romanian, German, Catalan, Finnish, and so on.

Second, Chinese MIUI ROM has no Play Store and hence it has no Google Apps.

There where Xiaomi.eu comes in. It is basically a custom ROM based on the official MIUI ROM China builds: Stable and Beta (Developer).

It has all the features of MIUI ROM minus those Chinese apps. Those apps could be bloatware for most users who don’t live in and cannot read Chinese.

Additionally, the developers add multiple languages and Google apps.

All in all, Xiaomi.eu ROM is the multi-language version of MIUI China ROM with GApps installed.

Key Features

Furthermore, it comes shipped with following key features:

– Based on China Stable / Weekly builds
– Enabled search in statusbar
– Enabled search gesture (swipe up) on the desktop
– Enabled MiDrive in File Explorer
– Added landscape mode for SMS app
– Sunrise/Sunset in the weather app
– Google apps support integrated
– Importing theme from zhuti.xiaomi.com via ThemeManager
– No useless Chinese bloatware apps
– More free RAM due to less background processes
– Unified flat style app icons for both system and 3rd party apps (eg. Google apps also)
– Advanced menu with color icons
– No any Chinese character under the full system
– Mi Video, Mi Music, Mi Radio, Mi Browser: No any useless Chinese content
– No possibility to re-lock bootloader accidentally with flash any xiaomi.eu release
– Added real 27 languages translation made by Official MIUI Fansites and MIUI Fans
– Added EU T9 dialer support
– Added charging sound switch
– Added Spell Checker switch
– Added Screen-OFF animation
– Optimized GPS settings for EU
– Optimized Battery consumption
– Optimized RAM consumption
– Added 3D Touch to MI5S 3GB RAM version
– Added GSMalphabet into SMS app
– Added more icons grid layout 4×5, 4×6, 5×5, 5×6
– Added Toggles 5×3 layout
– SafetyNet passed (Android Pay)
– Play Store Certified
– Deodexed
– Added automated tasks
– Added game speed booster
– Added erase module (magic elimination) to Gallery photo edit options
– Fixed low volume sound via headphone
– Fixed Google assistant voice response issue.

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Download Xiaomi.eu for Mi 9

You can download Xiaomi.eu Stable and Beta ROM for Mi 9 codename Cepheus form direct links below. Choose whether to grab its Stable or Beta version.

Stable version is based on China Stable. The developers usually release this build soon after the official release. Unluckily, there is no exact date nor regular interval of its schedule.

This build provides better stability with less bugs.

Beta version, on the other hand, has regular release schedule. It’s weekly usually. Since it has frequent update, Xiaomi.eu Beta also has the same regular frequency.

On top of that, weekly releases generally come with minor changes, some enhancements, tweaks, and improvements. However, you may expect some bugs.

Xiaomi.eu Stable build

Click the button below to start downloading.

File name :
Version | 509 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Xiaomi.eu Beta build

Choose the appropriate version that you want and click the button below to start downloading.

File name :
Version 9.4.26 | 100 downloads | Size: 2 GB
File name :
Version 9.4.25 | 38 downloads | Size: 2 GB

What you’ll need to install Xiaomi.eu on Mi 9?

Xiaomi.eu is basically a custom ROM. Hence, unlocked bootloader is a must. Moreover, a custom recovery is necessary to flash the ROM on your phone. TWRP is the best one for the job.

Read: How to install Xiaomi.eu MIUI ROM on Mi 9 (a detailed guide).

Are you one of Xiaomi.eu loyal users? Share your thought in the comment section below.

Credits: Xiaomi.eu


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