TWRP Recovery for Mi 9 (with Installer Toolkit)

TWRP Recovery for Mi 9 (with Installer Toolkit) 1

Xiaomi Mi 9 is a new flagship device released in just early this year. The next iteration of its predecessors come with a real best under the hood. Qualcomm’s latest high performance chipset, the Snapdragon 855 SoC, sits inside the device. It gives enough horse power for the machine to run heavy duty tasks.

Being a flagship device, many people are just so eager to unleash the true potentials of the beast. One little step essential as the key point to unleash its performance is flashing a custom recovery.

Below you can download TWRP recovery compatible fro Xiaomi Mi 9 codename Cepheus. Please note! This recovery is not for Mi 9 SE.

Currently, you can grab the unofficial TWRP build. We will update this page once the official one becomes available.

LR.Team TWRP by wzsx150

One of Chinese Mi Fans has managed to release the unofficial build of TWRP. This version is, inevitably, in Chinese language by default. Nevertheless, you can easily change the language to English.

Just like the MIUI China Stable build, the China TWRP includes no other languages than Chinese and English. Do not expect for your local language whatsoever.

The TWRP works just as it should with several drawbacks.

First, it does not support encrypted data partition. It means that you have to avoid using any lockscreen, password, or hidden folders/files. Moreover, you may need to format data partition.

Second, vibration also doesn’t work. This is not a big deal though.

Third, you have to avoid formatting Vendor partition.

Despite these mentioned drawbacks, you can still use the recovery for most tasks such as flashing Magisk, custom ROM, tweaks, mods, or custom Kernel.

Download LR.Team TWRP for Mi 9

File name :
Version 3.2.3-0227 | 1680 downloads | Size: 64 MB

Unofficial TWRP by Mauronofrio

Mauronofrio is an XDA member popular for his unofficial builds of TWRP. He also one of maintainers of the official TWRP.

He has also managed to release TWRP recovery for Xiaomi Mi 9. Similar to the wzsx150’s, Mauronofrio’s build also has drawbacks. Naturally, it is not the official build and is still in Beta.

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The main functions of TWRP work as it should while following do not work: Decryption, Backups, and and OTG.

The main advantage of this build over wzsx150’s is English as default language. Hence, you are not getting confused in the first place.

Download Unofficial TWRP for Mi 9

File name :
Version 3.2.3-10 | 534 downloads | Size: 54 MB

Unofficial TWRP by RandomBlame

One of recognized developers in XDA, RandomBlame, has managed to release the unofficial build of TWRP for Xiaomi Mi 9. The release supports ARM64 and the default builds of OpenGapps. However, this recovery works best on the Global ROMs, both Stable and Beta.

The developer says that the issue with the china firmware is an incompatibility with the included kernel and the dtbo.img on Mi 9 device.

File name :
Version 3.3.0-11 | 471 downloads | Size: 29 MB

Extract the zip file to get the recovery.img file.

TWRP Installer Tool for Mi 9

Confused with all the commands needed to flash TWRP recovery?

Meet the TWRP Installer tool, a simple toolkit to help to help you flash TWRP recovery on Xiaomi Mi 9 effortlessly. It makes the flashing process easy.

TWRP Recovery for Mi 9 (with Installer Toolkit) 2
File name :
Version 1.0 | 1105 downloads | Size: 59 MB

The tool includes both builds of unofficial TWRP. You can choose to flash either version 3.2.3 (by LR.Team) or version 3.2.3-10 (by muronofrio).

Update v2.0

TWRP Flasher v2.0 for Mi 9 flashes either LR.Team Chinese TWRP by ZSX150 or unofficial TWRP by RandomBlame. The latest is for Global firmware only. Do not flash it on Chinese Mi 9.

TWRP Recovery for Mi 9 (with Installer Toolkit) 3
File name :
Version 2.0 | 1023 downloads | Size: 58 MB

Flashing TWRP custom recovery needs unlocked bootloader and ADB Drivers installed.

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