Mi 9 Transparent Edition Geeky Wallpaper Pics

Download 7 wallpaper images in full HD resolution of Xiaomi Mi 9 Transparent Edition (TE). These wallpapers shows geeky and futuristic details of Mi 9 TE insiders.

Showing what’s under the hood of an Android device becomes popular recently. It adds geeky look and feel. On top of that, such images are capable to create elegant and prestigious experience.

Obviously, this is because Mi 9 is is the highest variant of Xiaomi’s flagship device.

Why would you need these full HD stock Mi 9 wallpapers?

First, you may need these cool background images for your phones other than Mi 9. These images are also compatible to be employed on other Xiaomi phones such as Redmi Note 7, Redmi Note 5, Mi Mix 3, Redmi 6 Pro, Redmi 7, Redmi 5 Plus, and so on.

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All images of this wallpaper pack display the main Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset empowering the device. It shows the beasts inside and it depicts the power of the SoC.


Mi 9 Transparent Edition Geeky Wallpaper Pics 1
Mi 9 Transparent Edition Geeky Wallpaper Pics 2

Download Wallpapers

File name :
Version n/a | 9072 downloads | Size: 7 MB

Download the zip file above and extract it in File Manager to get all the wallpaper images.

Alternatively, you can also choose some of them below. Simply pick the ones you liked and save it directly on your phone.

Images below are the resized versions of the original wallpapers. Click on each one you liked and download the full resolution.



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