Ported Gcam APK Files for Mi 8 (Tested and Proven)

Ported Gcam APK Files for Mi 8 (Tested and Proven) 1

Xiaomi Mi 8 is one of the company’s flagship series. It is now not the latest one since Mi 9 has been around. Nevertheless, its glory has not been over yet. As a flagship phone, Mi comes with Snapdragon 845 SoC equipped with Octa-core CPUs (4x 2.8GHz Kryo 385 Gold and 4x 1.8GHz Kryo 385 Silver) and Adreno 630.

The notched display that resembles iPhone X at that time is the only minus point of the phone. Other than that, Xiaomi Mi 8 is still a powerful device capable of playing almost any recent mobile games.

Mi 8 also boasts a dual-camera setup that consists of 12MP and 12MP camera sensors. The first camera sports 1/2.55″ main sensor in which each pixel size is 1.4µm. This is a mobile camera beast excel in low-light condition especially the lens has f/1.8 aperture. The second camera is a telephoto camera capable of 2x optical zoom. Its sensor size is 1/3.4″ with each pixel size is 1.0µm.

The main camera also sports Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology which is far more superior than Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology. This feature is what the Mi 9 lack of.

Long story short, Xiaomi Mi 8 is still a great camera for mobile photography addicts. The default camera app supports all the camera setups rear and front.

However, you can make it more awesome with Google Camera (gcam).

The greatness of Gcam attracts users of most Android users to try the app. Gcam is a Pixel-exclusive app basically. It is the default camera app available on Pixel 2/3/4 and its XL variants as well.

The camera app is jump-packed with advanced picture algorithm technology capable of producing high-quality photos. Google is so proud of the app. Not until the release of Pixel 4, all previous Pixel series phones have only a single camera. This was to show how great the Google Camera is.

Thanks to some third-party developers who have managed to port Gcam for other Android phones. These ported versions of gcam are so many. This makes users confused about which version should they download.

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The plethora of builds, version, and variants of ported gcam are due to the number of developers who port the app. On top of that, there is no specific build of gcam that really works flawlessly on any Android devices.

Some developers build the gcam port exclusively for specific devices while some build it to work with any device. In the end, there is no gcam port that works on all devices.

You need to find, try, and sometimes uninstall it again. That said, you’ll know which version that works with fewer bugs.

Need suggestions? Instead of trying all the available variants, you can download and use the below variants.

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These gcam APK files are chosen not because of its perfection. They are all have been tested by real users and proven to work with acceptable bugs.

Download Links

All the APK files are hosted and mirrored on our servers. We make no modifications to the files. We simply mirror it. We can guarantee all the files clean. However, it is always a good habit to scan anything coming from the Internet.

Gcam APK by BSG

This has been tested by a junior XDA member Pocho35AR. This is gcam v7.2 that comes with Night Sight and Astrophotography mode. Really worth to try!

File name :
Version 7.2.018 (rpii.miviii_v0b) | 2450 downloads | Size: 117 MB

Gcam APK by Urnyx05

This version has been tested by Hlavyn. Also based on gcam v7.2 which is originally available on the latest Pixel, this gcam variant works even on Android 9.0 Pie.

File name :
Version 7.2.010 (urnyx05 v1.9) | 410 downloads | Size: 73 MB

Gcam APK by onFire

This build is made specifically for Xiaomi Mi 8 and Redmi K20. Hence, this shall work flawlessly. Sajib1403 has personally tested it. Astrophotography mode also works on this variant.

File name :
Version 7.2.018 | 936 downloads | Size: 118 MB

Gcam APK by San1ty

Built based on Arnova8G2’s version, this is the first build of Gcam v7 made by San1ty. A senior member on XDA, Bcuraman, suggests this version.

File name :
Version 7.0.009 (san1ty v10.1) | 174 downloads | Size: 89 MB

Other Variants

Some of the above variants already receive updated versions. The newer versions are luckily compatible as well and are the most suggested versions according to its developers.

Gcam by San1ty

File name :
Version 6.2.030 (san1ty v9.5) | 125 downloads | Size: 96 MB


  • Now you can disable AI AWB in Night Sight (thanks to cstark).
  • Little change to Pro Mode (now focus info is displayed on the viewfinder).
  • Fixes for Android Q (hopefully will work fine when MIUI based on Android Q is out).
  • Removed Portrait Merger once again.

Gcam by Urnyx05

File name :
Version 7.2.010 (urnyx05 v2.0) | 102 downloads | Size: 73 MB


  • Added Czech, Greek, Korean, Romanian, Turkish, Slovak and Swedish translations and updated the old ones.
  • Fixed the option to disable portrait zoom on front camera (thanks Burial).
  • Fixed crash on some devices with Snapdragon 710 and some Realme devices.
  • Added XMLS (big thanks to Arnova and Marco).
  • Changed some code related to info.

As for Xiaomi 8, you may need to download and imports this XML settings file on the app.

Which one really works for your Mi 8? Go ahead tell us below.


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