Easiest Steps to Auto Unbrick Mi 6X Codename Wayne

Easiest Steps to Auto Unbrick Mi 6X Codename Wayne 1

This tutorial shows exactly how to unbrick or to fix bricked Xiaomi Mi 6X easily even it has ARB4 (Anti-Rollback Protection, without bootloader unlocking, or without authorized Mi account. However, it is inevitable to proceed through EDL mode (Emergency Download Mode) that is achieve-able by Test-Point method.

Many has known how to put a Xiaomi phone into EDL mode. There are three methods actually.

First, you can enter EDL mode through fastboot by typing “fastboot oem edl“.

Second, using the EDL cable. It is a special USB data cable to help you boot into EDL.

Lastly, you can boot into download mode by doing a Test-point method. It is a method that requires you to open the body of your phone carefully.

The first method is of course the easiest. Many employed this method few years ago. Unfortunately, Xiaomi disabled Fastboot EDL features so this method is now useless.

There was also a short period of time where users can purchase and use a special USB EDL cable. Again, this is now impossible to use it with recent devices.

Hence, the only option available is the Test Point method. It is not easy nor difficult. As long as you do it right, nothing bad will happen to your phone.

The pursuant of providing a safer and more secure experience is taken seriously by Xiaomi. Hence, the company has now implemented another layer of security. This security mechanism prevent anyone to flash MIUI ROM on Xiaomi devices without proper permission.

With this, might be you have succeeded in booting your device into EDL mode, but you cannot flash or reinstall the MIUI ROM unless you have authorized account.

There was a time that Xiaomi gave away authorized account to its users. Unluckily, they have closed giving away such account recently. Authorized Mi Account is now available for the official service center personnel only.

Xiaomi Mi 6X is one of devices with Anti-Rollback Protection, similar to Redmi Note 5. Therefore, once you updated the MIUI ROM running on your phone, there is no way back to downgrade it to previous version. Failed to pass ARB protection? Your phone will go bricked.

Flashing normal MIUI Fastboot ROM will not help. Some users even say it as “near hard-bricked situation“.

What’s the solution? There are two actually. First, bring your phone to the nearest Xiaomi service center. Second, try fixing it yourself by following this guide.

This article guides you to unbrick your Xiaomi Mi 6X without Authorized Mi Account. This is the solution to bypass Mi Flash “You are not authorized to download” error.

We divide this article into three stages: Prerequisites, Test Point Method, and Flashing Method.


  • A Xiaomi Mi 6X device (codename Wayne).
  • A USB data cable.
  • A computer/Desktop PC/Laptop running Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64-bit operating system.
  • Metal tweezers.
  • A credit card or a debit card or anything thin and solid.
  • A small screwdriver.

Please note one thing. We hold no responsibility of any damage that may happen to your phone. Please proceed with your own risks. We also gives no warranties of anything.

Prerequisites to Unbrick Mi 6X

You’ll need to follow this exact sequence.

Step 1. Download Mi Flash tool on your computer. Do not use the portable version since we don’t need the software actually.

Step 2. Download Xiaomi ADB Fastboot USB Driver on your computer.

Step 3. Also, download 7zip, a free zip and unzipping software. You may also visit its official download page here.

Step 4. Download Mi 6X auto unbricking tool. It’s a large file with approximately 2.5GB. The file is huge because it has a custom MIUI 10 modified with Programmer Bypass tweak.

Step 5. The last thing you have to download is Qualcomm QDLoader HS-USB Driver. Grab its 64-bit version.

Step 6. Now go to your computer. You need to disable Driver Signature Enforcement prior installing any third-party drivers. Follow this guide.

Step 7. Next, install Mi Flash tool. We don’t really need its software but we need all essential Xiaomi drivers come with the tool.

Step 8. Next, install the ADB Fastboot USB Driver tool on your computer. We recommend you to put it into C:\adb\ folder.

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Step 9. Install the Qualcomm QDLoader HS-USB Driver also.

Step 10. Install the 7Zip software.

Step 11. Finally, extract the Mi 6X Auto Unbricking Tool (UNBRICK_MI6X_alltutorial.net.7z). You need the 7zip software for this task.

EDL Test-Point Method to Unbrick Mi 6X

I assume that your phone is off since it’s bricked or dead.

Step 1. Remove/unplug the SIM card tray from your phone.

Step 2. Release the screws in the bottom part of the phone, near the USB port. Use the screwdriver tool.

Easiest Steps to Auto Unbrick Mi 6X Codename Wayne 2

Step 3. Use the Credit Card or Debit Card to help you removing the back cover. You can also use your fingernails. Please be careful.

Easiest Steps to Auto Unbrick Mi 6X Codename Wayne 3
Easiest Steps to Auto Unbrick Mi 6X Codename Wayne 4

Step 4. Unplug the cable connecting to the display screen. It is a thin flexible cable. Please be gentle.

Easiest Steps to Auto Unbrick Mi 6X Codename Wayne 5

Step 5. Now you can take the display screen off completely. Next, also unplug/disconnect the battery cable.

Easiest Steps to Auto Unbrick Mi 6X Codename Wayne 6

Step 6. On your computer, right-click the Windows Start menu then choose “Device Manager”. Alternatively, you can also type and search “device manager” in the search area.

Easiest Steps to Auto Unbrick Mi 6X Codename Wayne 7

Step 7. The Device Manager window will open.

Easiest Steps to Auto Unbrick Mi 6X Codename Wayne 8

Step 8. Connect the USB data cable to your computer USB port. Do not connect the other end of the cable to your phone just yet.

Step 9. Locate the Test-point area on your device. Find it as displayed below.

Easiest Steps to Auto Unbrick Mi 6X Codename Wayne 9
Two points for EDL Test-point on Mi 6X

Step 10. Next, put your phone on the table or on the area that is static free. Find a comfort position for you to do the test-point method.

Easiest Steps to Auto Unbrick Mi 6X Codename Wayne 10

Step 11. Pick the another end of USB cable and your tweezers tool. Do the test point by connecting the two dots using the tweezers tool, connect the USB cable to the phone, wait about 5 seconds, and release the tweezers tool.

Easiest Steps to Auto Unbrick Mi 6X Codename Wayne 11

Step 12. Your computer will detect the phone connected through the QDLoader port. You can notice it in the Device Manager window. It shows something like “Qualcomm HS-USB QDloader 9008“.

Easiest Steps to Auto Unbrick Mi 6X Codename Wayne 12

You can watch this video to get more understanding on how to do the test-point method on Mi 6X. The video is not in English though.

Auto MIUI Flashing to Unbrick Mi 6X

Step 1. So now your Mi 6X is in EDL mode (Emergency Download Mode) and is connected to your computer.

Step 2. In Windows Explorer, locate the extracted “UNBRICK_MI6X_alltutorial.net.7z” package. You will get a folder named “images” and the tool itself. The “images” folder contains a use-able MIUI 10 ROM.

Step 3. Next, open the “UNBRICK WAYNE XIAOMI MI6X” by double-clicking it.

Easiest Steps to Auto Unbrick Mi 6X Codename Wayne 13

The tool will try to recognize your phone and to detect its HS-USB QDLoader 9008 connection.

Step 4. Next, since the tool has only one option, choose it by pressing 1 on your keyboard and hit Enter.

Easiest Steps to Auto Unbrick Mi 6X Codename Wayne 14

Step 5. The auto-unbricking process will take place. Sit tight and wait. The process will consume several minutes. It takes long time to process.

Easiest Steps to Auto Unbrick Mi 6X Codename Wayne 15

Step 6. Once done, you will see something like this.

Easiest Steps to Auto Unbrick Mi 6X Codename Wayne 16

Step 7. Simply press any key to continue.

Step 8. Now unplug/disconnect the USB cable from your phone.

Step 9. Next, connect the cable of screen display at first.

Step 10. Then connect the cable for the battery. We recommend you to connect the screen cable at first then the battery cable afterward. This is just to avoid any “short circuit” that may damage the hardware.

Step 11. Close the back cover. Reassemble all the phone parts and body.

Step 12. Finally, turn on the phone by pressing the Power button.

Easiest Steps to Auto Unbrick Mi 6X Codename Wayne 17

Sit tight and wait as your phone boots into system. This may take a while.

Easiest Steps to Auto Unbrick Mi 6X Codename Wayne 18

That’s it. Congratulation! Your Mi 6X has been unbricked successfully.

You can continue to do the initial phone setup as usual. Again, you will get MIUI 10 China build so there’s no other languages than English and Chinese.

Your phone is now resurrected. At this point, you can then change or replace the installed MIUI with any newest version or custom ROM.

This article is based on AllTutorial.net and is interpreted to English by our team. You can watch the original video here. Credits and thanks for him.


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  1. Thanks for the tutorial, in my case the COM port after being recognized by the PC, disappears so it does not let me complete the operation. what could i do?

  2. you are a god man, i searched a lot and didnt find anything which worked and the phone was dead for almost 3 months.. Now its backup and running… thnx a lot..

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