LineageOS 17.0 Android 10 for Mi 6X: Download and Install Guide

LineageOS 17.0 Android 10 for Mi 6X: Download and Install Guide 1

Xiaomi Mi 6X was rolled out as a camera-centric Android phone. Nowadays, the company has released more devices with better camera specifications. Nevertheless, Mi 6X is still out there in the hands of its loyal users.

Their loyalty is now paid with third-party modifications, tweaks, and mods for the device. Recently, the device has received its first port of Android 10 Q, thanks to the LineageOS 17.0.

A senior member of XDA, Rcstar6696, has managed to release LineageOS v17.0 custom ROM for Xiaomi Mi 6X. The ROM is still in the Beta stage while we write this article.

He made use of the official source code for LineageOS which is available in the LineageOS Github repo. As a result, a pretty-much stable LineageOS ROM is out and is ready to run on Mi 6X.

In case if you are in a hurry, the following shortcut may help:

LineageOS 17.0 Android 10 for Mi 6X: Download and Install Guide 2

About LineageOS

LineageOS is a custom Android ROM based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project). This custom ROM project receives many contributions from third-part development worlds.

The team behind LineageOS has managed to make it compatible with many Android phones even without Google apps and services. Hence, most builds of LineageOS do not come with Gapps preinstalled.

LineageOS is a free and open-source operating system for set-top boxes, smartphones and tablet computers, based on the Android mobile platform.

Source: Wikipedia.

The name Lineage is basically a noun and the project has been inspired by its meaning which is a sequence of species each of which is considered to have evolved from its predecessor.

The project goal is to provide a stable and secure operating system backed up by the continuously-growing community.

Download LineageOS 17 for Mi 6X

Below you can download LineageOS 17 for Mi 6X which is based on Android 10 Q. The package is also compatible with Mi A2 which has been converted to Mi 6X. In case if you didn’t know yet, Mi 6X and Mi A2 are the same devices released with a different set of operating systems. The Mi 6X comes running MIUI while the Mi A2 is running Android One.

Download from the original link hosted on Mega:!XcQzWQRI!VWffWjz_qQNvSVV8DDa6vuNOdTocd6JpbVSfgPG8d1E

Download LineageOS v17.0 for Mi 6X from our mirror link:

File name :
Version 17.0-20191022 | 154 downloads | Size: 845 MB


LineageOS is a custom ROM that is not provided by the manufacturer. Therefore, there are some requirements necessary to install the ROM on your phone.

First, you must unlock the bootloader. Unlocking Mi 6X bootloader is easy. The only thing you need is time. The official bootloader unlocking process needs a couple of days to get approved.

Second, you must enable USB Debugging from the Developer Options menu. Follow these sequences.

Enable Developer Options:

Settings >> About Phone >> Tap MIUI Version 7X >> Congratulation, you are developer!

Enable USB Debugging:

Settings >> Additional Settings >> Developer Options >> USB Debugging >> toggle it on.

How to Flash LineageOS on Mi 6X

Follow steps below to install LineageOS 17.0 Android 10 on Mi 6X:

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Step 1. Download ADB Fastboot Drivers (v1.4.3) and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Download Android Platform Tools (vR29). Extract the zip file and you’ll have a “platform-tools” folder.

Step 3. Flash TWRP on Mi 6X. Use twrp_wayne.img file (recommended).

Step 4. Download these files and place them in the platform-tools folder:

Step 5. Turn off your phone completely. Press the Power button then choose “Power Off“.

Step 6. Once it’s off, press the Power button and the Volume Up button simultaneously. This brings you to boot into TWRP recovery mode.

Step 7. Choose the Wipe menu then Advanced Wipe.

Step 8. Select System, Data, Dalvik, and Cache.

Step 9. Do the “Swipe to wipe” action. Go back to the main menu once done.

Step 10. Connect your phone to the computer using its USB cable.

Step 11. Copy all the zip files to the phone’s internal storage. Files example:

  • ROM:
  • Gapps:
  • Magisk:

You can simply copy-and-paste the files like you would in Windows Explorer. Alternatively, you can also use this command if you want:

adb push /tmp/
adb push /tmp/
adb push /tmp/

Copy each line in the command prompt window. All the files will be copied in the /tmp directory which is a temporary folder stored in the device’s RAM.

Step 12. Choose “Install” from the main menu. Next, locate the LineageOS zip file. Tap on it to select it.

Step 13. Do the “Swipe to confirm flash” action. Wait till the process finished. Done? Go back to the main menu.

Step 14. Again, choose “Install“, find and locate the GApps zip file. Tap on it to select it.

Step 15. Do the “Swipe to confirm flash” action. Wait till the process finished. Done? Go back to the main menu.

Step 16. Optionally if you want to root, choose “Install” then find and locate the Magisk zip file. Tap on it to select it.

Step 17. Do the “Swipe to confirm flash” action. Wait till the process finished. Done? Go back to the main menu.

Step 18. Choose “Reboot” then choose “System“. This will reboot your phone to the main system. Initial booting time takes longer than usual. This is normal.

Step 19. Set up your Google Account.

Step 20. Enjoy!


LineageOS 17.0 is the first Android 10 Q available for Xiaomi Mi 6X. It is compatible with both Mi 6X and converted Mi A2. Flashing it on the device is easy as long as you have the bootloader unlocked and TWRP installed.

Faced difficulties? Please have no doubt to write a comment below.


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