Follow these steps to download any files from this website successfully.

Step 1. Click the [Download] button as usual.

How to Download 1

Once clicked, there are two possibilities: either you get the file directly or you get redirected to the verification checker page. We need to filter robots from accessing the download pages. Don’t worry, this process is random and automatic.

However, if by any chance you need to verify your access, follow the next steps below:

Step 2. Find the red button saying “Click to Generate The Download Link“. By clicking this red button, you’ll also confirm the human verification check mechanism.

How to Download 2

Step 3. Wait a moment for the system to generate your download link. Do not click the LOADING button.

How to Download 3

Step 4. Once the process finished, click the blue button saying “Click to Download“.

How to Download 4

Step 5. Happy downloading..!

How to Download 5


How to download files from this blog