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I cannot download the file?

Found a broken link? You can report it to us either via a comment form at the bottom of every article or via the contact form here.

This link redirects to nowhere?

That’s a broken link. Report it to us.

Do I have to go through such a procedure every time?

You don’t. Our system detects security measure automatically whether to get activated or not. The system analyzes download processes and determines what to do automagically.

Most of the time, you don’t have to go through this security procedure.

Is the file free from viruses and malware?

We cannot guarantee all the files downloaded from this blog are safe and secure. However, we never inject, alter, or modify the files with viruses or any malicious codes. Therefore, we highly recommend you to scan the files using Antivirus apps such as Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, etc.

Where do the files are hosted on?

Most of the files (approx. 80%) are available via direct hot links. Most of them are from our mirror servers and few of them are directly from its official sites. We strive to provide you with high-quality downloads. We invested in high-performance servers by Vultr and Hetzner.

How can I share from your blog?

Simply copy the respective post’s URL to whatever platforms you wish to share it to (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, VK, email, etc). For the sake of your convenience, we also provide sharing buttons after every article.

What are ZIP files?

It’s a common file compression mechanism. Xiaomi uses this compression technology to distribute their MIUI updates known as Recovery ROM. You can extract any ZIP files using built-in Windows feature or software like Winzip, WinRAR, or 7zip.

What are TGZ files?

Despite not as common as ZIP, TGZ is more popular among Linux users. Xiaomi employs this compression technology to distribute their MIUI updates known as Fastboot ROM. Use WinRAR or 7zip to extract TGZ files.

What are IMG files?

Mostly all files with .img extension downloaded from this site are flash-able images files. You can flash such files through Fastboot interface or TWRP recovery.

What are EXE files?

Any files having .exe extension are Windows executable files. Files fall within this category including tools, installers, or Windows-based software.

What are MTZ files?

MTZ stands for MIUI Themes Zip. These files are an MIUI theme pack compressed with similar technology as ZIP. Such MTZ files contain all theme files including icons, wallpapers, images, and so on.