Xiaomi Tool: A Convenient MIUI ROM Switcher

Here you can download the full version of the Xiaomi Tool, a piece of software to automate and to ease the process of installing any MIUI ROM builds. Flashing an MIUI ROM from one build to another will be very convenient, thanks to the tool. It is not only a flasher tool but also a tool to automatically detect which ROM is compatible with your device and which is not.

This tool is also available in many languages including English, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi, German, Polish, Croatian and Spanish. Users will be spoiled by its simple user interface.

How the tool works?

The developer behind this tool, Francesco Tescari, explains how the tool can get its job done. First, it detects the type or variant of your phone once connected to the computer. This includes the unlock status of the device bootloader.

Second, the tool will scan for all available ROM versions and recoveries that users can choose to install. Uh, did I mention its ability to flash TWRP? Well, this awesome software can also flash a custom ROM and a custom recovery.

Third, the user will need to choose which ROM he/she wish to install. Once selected, the tool will do its job right after the user’s confirmation.

It is that easy!

Xiaomi Tool: A Convenient MIUI ROM Switcher 1

Key Features

  • Auto-fetch Fastboot official ROM
  • Auto-fetch Recovery official ROM
  • Auto-fetch Xiaomi.eu ROM
  • Auto-fetch Official/non-official TWRP
  • Auto-fetch Latest SuperSU
  • TWRP recovery flash
  • Unlock bootloader*
  • Lock bootloader
  • Fastboot flash
  • Install a custom recovery (TWRP or else)
  • Emergency mode flash (EDL)
  • Stock recovery flash**
  • Fastboot unlock (via MiFlashUnlock)/lock
  • Install official ROMs(Global stable/developer or China stable/developer)
  • Install unofficial Xiaomi.eu ROMs (stable/developer)
  • Install any other twrp flashable ROM (such as LineageOS, resurrection remix, etc.)

Auto-fetching an official ROM means that the tool will automatically find and download the necessary ROM file directly from Xiaomi’s server. Hence, users will no longer need to search for the ROM and download it manually. However, during the fetching process and in order to make this feature work, a stable Internet connection is necessary.

Download Xiaomi Tool

Xiaomi Tool is now available for both Windows and Linux. Recently, its developer has released version 2 of the tool. It has a whole new interface design and of course awesome.

Use our mirror direct link below:


File name :
Version 9.8.7 | 2005 downloads | Size: 82 MB
- Fixed twrp wipe cache and data shell error
- Improved UI with new server response view for official rom install validation
- Improved UI flow with aborted installation
- Improved log for better procedure execution
- Support to current branch MIUI rom fetch (for example branded miui versions)
- Fixed reboot after TWRP installation would replace TWRP with stock recovery
- General minor bug fixes

Older versions:

File name :
Version 9.4.10 | 2681 downloads | Size: 82 MB
File name :
Version 9.4.1 | 333 downloads | Size: 82 MB
File name :
Version 9.3.29 | 78 downloads | Size: 82 MB
File name :
Version 9.3.18 | 41 downloads | Size: 81 MB
File name :
Version 9.3.14 | 33 downloads | Size: 81 MB
File name :
Version 9.3.14 | 61 downloads | Size: 35 MB

Xiaomi Tool v1 for Windows (oldest)

File name :
Version 0.5.2 | 1567 downloads | Size: 88 MB

The file is compressed in a zip file to save bandwidth. You will need to extract the file to get the installer.

We strongly suggest you disable Windows Driver Signature Enforcement before installing this tool. Additionally, a minimal ADB and Fastboot driver is essential. Download it here and install it before the tool.


File name :
Version 9.4.10 | 199 downloads | Size: 63 MB

Older versions:

File name :
Version 9.4.1 | 25 downloads | Size: 63 MB
File name :
Version 9.3.29 | 18 downloads | Size: 63 MB
File name :
Version 9.3.18 | 23 downloads | Size: 62 MB

Xiaomi Tool for Mac OSX

File name :
Version 9.4.10 | 132 downloads | Size: 73 MB

Another thing: Despite the tool that can unlock your phone bootloader, it is still necessary to obtain the official unlocking permission from Xiaomi server. Hence, binding the device to a granted Mi Account is still necessary.

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USB Debugging must be turned on from the Developer Options.

Enabling this option is easy. Simply go to Settings > About Phone > tap the MIUI version several times until the Developer Options is enabled. Once done, go back to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options > enable USB Debugging.

How to Install XiaomiTool on Windows?

First, download the executable installer file from one of the links above.

Next, double-click the installer file to launch it.

Select Yes if asked by Windows UAC.

Xiaomi Tool: A Convenient MIUI ROM Switcher 2

Click Next and follow the process. Once installed, open the tool.

Windows Defender Firewall will also ask you to allow the software to access the network.

Xiaomi Tool: A Convenient MIUI ROM Switcher 3

Click the Allow Access button. This is necessary since the tool requires an Internet connection to download necessary files such as Drivers and ROMs.

Select your region. All major countries where Xiaomi releases its devices will be displayed. If your country is not listed, simply select Other Regions.

Xiaomi Tool: A Convenient MIUI ROM Switcher 4

Next, the tool will download and automatically install some necessary drivers software.

Xiaomi Tool: A Convenient MIUI ROM Switcher 5

Once done, you’ll see the main interface of XiamiTool v2.

Xiaomi Tool: A Convenient MIUI ROM Switcher 6

There are two main functions you can choose from. The first one is for devices that work normally but demand for some cool modifications. The second option is specifically for broken or bricked Xiaomi devices.

The first option facilitates you with official ROMs, twrp, root with magisk. It also helps you to decide which is the best way to install it on your device.

The main purpose of XiaomiTool V2 (XMTv2) is to provide an autonomous mechanism of modding, unbricking, flashing, and rooting any Xiaomi phones.

The only requirement of XMTv2 is USB Debugging enabled. It can also unlock the phone’s bootloader as long as your Xiaomi account has been granted with proper permission.

Xiaomi Tool: A Convenient MIUI ROM Switcher 7

Have no clues on how to enable it? Simply click that obvious button to start the wizard. The tool will guide you to the process of enabling USB debugging. All necessary steps have a clear illustration pic.

Xiaomi Tool: A Convenient MIUI ROM Switcher 8

Our Verdict

This tool is basically the answer to all “how to flash” questions. It has abilities to flash either an official or a custom ROM and a Fastboot (tgz) or Recovery (zip) ROM. The best part, users no longer worry whether this ROM build or version is compatible with their devices or not. The tool automatically detects that compatibility issue.

Obviously, this tool becomes indispensable for extreme Mi Fans. Especially those with an adventurous soul who loves to try this ROM and that. It happens simply because the ability to detect any compatible ROM builds as well as various ways of flashing mechanism. The tool can do flashing either through Fastboot, Recovery, and EDL modes.

It is a great alternative to and is a combination of Mi Flash Tool, Mi Unlock Tool, and a traditional ADB Flasher.

We feel it has the awesome potential within. Further development would be better to include Magisk root as well.

Notice: It is not an official tool by Xiaomi/MIUI. Hence, use it with your own risks. Neither its developer nor we are responsible for any of the risks and impacts of using this tool.

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