Xiaomi Google Apps Installer for MIUI China ROM

Xiaomi Google Apps Installer for MIUI China ROM 1

Download the easiest app to install all Google Apps you need on any Xiaomi phones running MIUI China ROM. Meet Google Installer v2 and v3! This app is not the Gapps itself, instead, it automatically detects, downloads, and installs the compatible Play Store for your smartphone.

Using this installer is obviously the easiest way to get GApps installed. First, it does not require you to unlock the bootloader nor to root your device.

Second, the app is very small in size. The app acts as a bridge between your device and the necessary Google Apps. It will first download all the basic apps and services required to get Play Store running. Hence, it does not bloat your phone.

You can then install any other Google Apps from the Play Store.

Obviously, compared to the third-party GApps package such as OpenGapps, using this installer is easiest. OpenGapps does provide you with options to choose which packages you wish to install: Aroma, Stock, Micro, and so on. Each has different apps included and of different sizes.

Moreover, you will need to learn which one is the correct package to download. Please remember that you have to grasp which Android version is your phone’s MIUI is built-on. Choosing a wrong package and flash it through custom recovery would be risky. Not to mention uninstalling the wrong Gapps and cleaning its traces from your phone would be arduous.

Why would I need Google Apps?

Xiaomi rolls out two different versions of their phones: the China and the Global versions. All devices released in China are running MIUI China ROM. On the other hand, devices released worldwide outside China run MIUI Global ROM.

The main differences between the two ROMs are the existence of Google apps and services. China version of MIUI ROM does not have Google Apps, obviously. Additionally, the languages availability is also limited in China ROM. Its users can only choose between China and English.

Google services are not available in China for some reasons. Xiaomi has replaced Play Store with Mi Apps Store. This is not a major problem to some extent. However, those who live outside China and have bought a Xiaomi device meant for China market will find it difficult.

On top of that, Xiaomi has expanded its operations worldwide entering not only developing countries but also major countries in Europe, including the UK. Nevertheless, there are still users who cannot wait for the device to be released officially on their countries. Purchasing directly from China through online stores such as Alibaba, Aliexpress, Banggood, etc., is the solution.

The minor shortcoming of Mi devices bought directly from China is the absence of Google Services.

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Download Google Apps Installer

There are two versions of the apps, the first one below is for MIUI China based on Android 4.x Kitkat, 5.x Lolipop, and 6.x Marshmallow. The next version is for devices running Android 7.x Nougat and 8.x Oreo.

These work on all versions of MIUI 8, MIUI 9, and MIUI 10 China ROMs. Just make sure you have checked which Android version is running. Go to Settings >> About Phone >> check the Android version:

  • 6.x.x is Marshmallow
  • 7.x.x is Nougat
  • and 8.x.x is Oreo.

Google Installer v2 APK:

File name :
Version 2.0 | 60281 downloads | Size: 166 KB

Google Installer v3 APK:

File name :
Version 3.0 | 82995 downloads | Size: 176 KB

We cannot confirm whether the 3rd version is compatible with Android 9.x Pie. Meanwhile, using Open Gapps is the most viable option.

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How to install

  1. Download the apk file.
  2. Install it on your phone.
  3. Open the Google Installer app.
  4. Tap the blue-ish Install button.
  5. Wait for the process to finish.

Make sure your Internet connection is available during the process.

Xiaomi Google Apps Installer for MIUI China ROM 2


The app above does not work flawlessly on recent MIUI versions. New devices such as Redmi K20 Pro, Mi 9, Redmi Note 7, etc., are not compatible with the app above.

Alternatively, you can use this pre-built GApps package for Android 9.0 Pie. Download the essential Google Services and Play Store APK files and install it manually on your device. There is no need to unlock bootloader nor to flash TWRP.


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