Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools: an All in one Utility

The name may sound simple. Some may think it as just another ADB Fastboot installer. However, the function of this tool is far beyond that. It fact, it is a utility having many tools within a single software.

Enter the XAF Tools (Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools)! It is basically a single Windows-based software with several tools residing within. The tools are called modules.

XAF has main functions of anything a traditional ADB Fastboot tools can do. Except, all the functions are now having GUI (Graphical User Interface). This makes all the jobs easier for novice users.

Users (me, us, and you) are no longer in need to memorize all commands just to execute almost any tasks related to their Xiaomi Android devices.

The XAF helps users establishing ADB and Fastboot connection. Once established, users will then be able to select which action they want to proceed.

Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools: an All in one Utility 1

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Now let’s talk about some of its key features.

Uninstaller: This feature allows users to remove any built-in apps. Xiaomi phones usually come shipped with several default apps including Mi Store, Mi Calculator, Mi Scanner, Mi Remote, etc.

This feature allows users to uninstall any default app. Those apps are not bloatware for some. Others may thing it useless and hence it becomes bloatware for them.

This feature can also uninstall any factory apps and services.

Camera2: The most wanted feature. Many Mi Fans are demanding to unlock their phone bootloader just to enable the Camera2 API. This feature allows users to enable and to disable Camera2 API, to enable and to disable EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization), and to reboot into recovery.

Once the Android Camera2 API has been enabled, users can install any camera apps with manual controls, just like a DSLR.

File Explorer: This is the most loved feature. This launches a File Explorer that let users manage their files stored within phone’s storage. This feature is very convenient because sometimes copying and pasting files from and to the phone are crucial.

Screen Density: Users can now adjust and change the DPI value of their phone screen easily. The higher the DPI, the better the display. The lower it is, the lower its display quality but it can save battery power.

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Device Properties: Once clicked, the XAF will retrieve many statistics and information about your device.

Flasher: This is the ultimate feature of XAF. The software can flash almost anything that are flash-able through ADB-Fastboot connection. Users can flash custom recoveries, flash Fastboot ROMs, etc. This feature is also capable to boot any image.

Wiper: Well, its name tells everything. This feature is necessary for those who want to wipe caches or perform a factory reset.

OEM Unlocker/Locker: This will unlock phone bootloader in one condition; the phone runs Android One (Mi A1/Mi A2). This won’t work on MIUI devices.

MIUI ROM Downloader: This feature is very helpful. Instead of browsing around just to download the correct MIUI ROM, this feature directly fetch the link to Fastboot ROM. Users can either copy the link or download the ROM directly.

Rebooter: This reboots users’ phones effortlessly without touching the power button.

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Download XAF Tool

The tool is created by Saki-EU in GitHub. Unlike common Windows software, this has no executable installer file (usually .exe). Instead, Saki-EU packs the XAF Tool within .jar file. It means users will need Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run the application.

File name :
Version 6.0 | 62818 downloads | Size: 24 MB

How to install? First, download and install JRE from here. Next, restart your computer. Finally, double-click the .jar file. This tutorial may help you in running jar file on Windows.


XAF Tool has been updated to version 6.5.x. It is now available for OS-specific packages (Windows, Linux, Mac OS). Simply download the zip file corresponding to your computer OS and you’ll get the tool itself along with the executable JAR, ADB, and Fastboot packages.


File name :
Version 6.5.1 | 34651 downloads | Size: 19 MB


File name :
Version 6.5.1 | 1977 downloads | Size: 20 MB

Mac OS X:

File name :
Version 6.5.1 | 1719 downloads | Size: 20 MB



14 thoughts on “Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools: an All in one Utility”

  1. Does it uninstall the app or just hiding in in the internal storage? I uninstalled with it several apps but didn’t see any increment in available internal memory.

  2. nice job bro…
    can u have options for mi android tv,
    i want to uninstall some system apps in my mi tv adb devices …. not connecting to my pc via hdmi..
    if u can, please help me out.

  3. Hi!
    I’m locked out of my phone redmi note 4 since I’ve forgotten the password. I don’t have any backups.

    I wanted to know:
    1) Can I take a backup of this locked phone?
    2) If I do factory reset can I recover the data on the phone by any means?
    3) Any other ideas I can use to recover the data and have my phone restored to normal working condition.

    Thank you for your help.


      Tengo el xiaomi 9t pro, instale la aplicacion para borrar las aplicaciones por defecto que vienen instalada, fastboottool, active la depuracion, pero no he podido hacer nada, no se como hacerlo

    2. Alguém sabe dizer se pra usar livremente esses recursos do XAF precisa ter o bootloader desbloqueado??

      Meu celular está em um loop infinito de atualização e eu nao consegui resolver pois não está ativada a opção de desbloqueio de bootloader no modo desenvolvedor.

    3. To whom it may concern, I have been using mi XIAOMI REDMI PRO for four or five years without any problem and suddenly and I do not why after one charge of battery it is blocked, fastboot has come.
      Now I wonder after reading your advice to those who try to repair it what to do as written on some files I have read is the best option the one specially and only for XIAOMI smart phones and I wonder if my rather old XIAOMI REDMI PRO 5.5 INCHES following the same indications as new XIAOMI MODELS could be repaired.
      I live in Madrid, Spain and I ask you to tell me if Xiaomi Spain has any repair shop to send my Xiaomi to be unlocked.
      Thank you very much to do and I hope to have it repaired because I missed it so much after several years working so well.
      Thanks any way for your possible help I am waiting for.
      Luis Maillo

    4. @ All This tool is magic, specially when you’ve detroyed your system by trying to install a custom rom. You’ve the opportunity to download the official one and repair the phone.
      @Fandi A. Fiki This tool deserves an other & more complete article with the different options for installing alternatives recovery & roms

    5. I hope this can make a compete backup of the phone like what a custom recovery does and restore it as well. i think that’s the only thing missing in it.

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