Workarounds to Fix Mi Flash Tool Errors

Workarounds to Fix Mi Flash Tool Errors 1

Are you wondering about the meaning of all those errors produced by the Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool? Are you currently looking for its solutions? Well, we try to compile all known Mi Flash tool errors with some of the possible solutions to solve the problems.

Mi Flash Tool is a piece of software useful for Xiaomi users to flash MIUI Fastboot ROM. In some cases, the tool could also be a savior to fix a broken Mi or Redmi phone through EDL mode. This, however, requires an authorized Mi account which sadly its distribution has been stopped by the company.

We can still remember the glorious moment when we can fix Redmi Note 3 Pro through EDL mode bypassing the need for unlocking bootloader. That was a beautiful memory tho.

Nowadays, flashing MIUI fastboot ROM is the common use of the Mi Flash tool. In case you haven’t had it yet, download the Mi Flash tool installer of the standalone app here.

General Tips to Use Mi Flash Tool

1. Disabling Windows Drivers Signature Enforcement

This not a must. However, there was a time for the Mi Flash tool not installed properly on Windows due to this issue. Xiaomi is a Chinese company and most of the tools developed were meant for China users.

This has changed nowadays. You can simply install the tool without disabling a custom security measure on Windows that prevents drivers without a recognized signature from being installed.

Nevertheless, it is still a good practice to have better assurance that all the required drivers are properly installed; especially if you are on Windows 8/8.1.

Read our full guide on how to disable Windows Drivers Signature Enforcement.

2. Installing On The Recommended Location

There is no clear warning for installing Mi Flash Tool in any location on your computer. However, the most suggested location is on Drive C:\.

Hence, to avoid any unintended issue, we also recommend you to install the Mi Flash tool in the root path of drive C:\. You’ll have it installed as following:

Workarounds to Fix Mi Flash Tool Errors 2

3. Run Mi Flash Tool as Administrator

Windows Administrator account is like Superuser in a Linux system. It has all access to the system. Simply right-click on the XiaoMiFlash .exe file then choose “Run as Administrator”.

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4. Put the MIUI ROM in the same folder as Mi Flash Tool

Once downloaded, you better extract the MIUI ROM Fastboot file (.tgz) in the same directory as the tool.

5. Avoid Space(s) in the folder name

Once extracted, make sure the folder name has no single space. If it does, simply right-click on the folder and rename it by deleting the space(s).

Mi Flash Tool Errors and Solutions

Error message:

The end of the file is reached (0x80070026: receiving the hello packet)

Fix: Install the new Mi Flash tool, and check also the installed driver on your PC. Alternatively, you may also want to try using a different USB port.

Error message:

Undefined error (0xffffffff)

Fix: Manually select the flashing type or check what type was set in Mi Flash. Also, check the .bat file in the ROM folder. Make sure it exists and not altered in any way.

Error message:

The specified file can not be found. (0x80070002)

This error means that some files are missing from the ROM directory. Fix? Simply re-download the ROM file and extract it. Make sure your antivirus software does not automatically remove any files.

Error Code:


Fix: An error in the file name or the path to the file contains the Cyrillic. Change path to the ROM (without the Russian language). Remove any strange symbols from the file name.

Error Message:

Mismatching image and device

Fix: Double-check the ROM file. This error appears because you try to flash incompatible or a wrong ROM file. Make sure you download the corresponding version for your device. For instance, MIUI ROM for Redmi Note 7 (Lavender) is not the same for Redmi Note 7 Pro (Violet).

Please feel free to add your own opinion based on your experience in using the Mi Flash tool.

Please note that the symptoms may be the same but the solutions may be different. There are many factors causing a single error. Hence, the results may also be different. Do not hesitate to share your own experience in the comment section below.


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