Download Urnyx05 Google Camera PX v8.1 for Xiaomi Phones (APK)

Download Urnyx05 Google Camera PX v8.1 for Xiaomi Phones (APK) 1

Google Camera is a popular app for taking great photos thanks to advanced algorithm created by the company making Android.

The app is originally made exclusively for Google Pixel devices. Thanks to third-party developers, there are now many ported builds compatible for non-pixel phones, including many latest Xiaomi series.

Recently, Urnyx05 which is one of popular Gcam porters has once again managed to port Google Camera v8.1.008.

The original gcam version is first available on Google Pixel 5.

With release of this ported Gcam build, Xiaomi users around the globe can enjoy the app and all of its features.

Please note, there is no single Gcam port compatible for all Xiaomi Mi, Redmi, or Redmi Note phones.

With the more advanced features the app offers, the hardware specifications needed may also increase.

We cannot guarante it to work with older versions of Redmi series. As long as your phone supports manual / Pro mode, it should also work despite some limitations.

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Moreover, as noted by its developer, it still won’t work flawlessly on the most recent devices with latest SoC like Snapdragon 845.

Download Gcam v8.1 APK

You can grab Urnyx05 v1.0 Gcam v8.1.008 from mirror direct link below.

File name :
Version 8.1.008-v1 | 472 downloads | Size: 70 MB


  • Added OPModes to fix EIS
  • Improved colors on Mi Note 10
  • Added an option to disable motion photos
  • Disabled Sabre on unsupported sensors
  • Added an option to disable Synthetic Fill Flash
  • Added all the fixes necessary for the first start
  • Added an option to disable tracking focus / focus peaking
  • Added buttons in the drop-down menu to enable/disable AWB
  • Added Color Transform to fix saturation on devices with dull colors
  • Added an option to choose between Pixel 2, Pixel 3, IMX586 and IMX686 AWB
  • Added an option to disable auto night sight on portrait and photo

Screenshot Pics

Download Urnyx05 Google Camera PX v8.1 for Xiaomi Phones (APK) 2
Download Urnyx05 Google Camera PX v8.1 for Xiaomi Phones (APK) 3


Credits: Urnyx05

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