Switching MIUI Region on Any Xiaomi Devices

Every Xiaomi device running MIUI is bound with Mi Account. The account then set up in which country the phone is used.

This country region is a separate setup from language option. For instance, my Redmi Note 5 AI phone bound to my account has Indonesia region while I use English as the language for its main user interface.

Since Mi Account is bound to the region, this effects offered Xiaomi services. It affects everything. One of which is App Store and Mi Themes.

Mi Account bound in Malaysia region will see different MIUI themes displayed as those displayed in India region.

Hence, some users urge to change MIUI region to another country for some reasons.

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This simple tutorial shows you how you can do it.

Step 1. Open Settings on your phone. You can do this by either tapping on its icon in home screen or tapping its icon in the notification shade.

Switching MIUI Region on Any Xiaomi Devices 1

Step 2. Go to the search bar on top.

Switching MIUI Region on Any Xiaomi Devices 2

Step 3. Type “region” in the search bar.

Switching MIUI Region on Any Xiaomi Devices 3

Step 4. Then tap on the “Region – Additional settings/Region”.

Step 5. Now choose which country region you want to change your MIUI region into, India for instance. Simply tap on it.

Switching MIUI Region on Any Xiaomi Devices 4

Voila! The MIUI country region has been changed successfully. While it is not mandatory, we recommend you to restart your phone.


12 thoughts on “Switching MIUI Region on Any Xiaomi Devices”

  1. I live in Romania. I’ve changed the region in India and now I can download themes finnaly!!! Thank you very much!!! My gf mobile (mi note 2) had error when downloading theme, error 4001. My mi5s plus same. Thank you!!!

  2. Wow ever since I changed my phone’s region from Singapore to India, all the features in my xiaomi redmi 3s phone has changed alot and I love how the India region MIUI 10 can allow me to change fonts! xD The calendar, app vault, browser, music and video player has changed alot and I am very satisfied w the change 😀 The only issue is that my phone kept showing notifications about India’s bollywood music and other affairs in India lolll cos I’m not an Indian, I’m a Chinese. But overall, I think I will not change the region back to Singapore anymore as the India region MIUI 10 is superb and I feel like I’m using a high-end device even though my phone is not 😀 Thank you for suggesting me to change to India region!! xD It really helps alot!!!!

  3. The region has been changed to Saudi Arabia, but inside the game the Egypt flag is still showing, the device has been restarted and the same problem is still .. Redmi Note 7

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