Simple GApps for ARM64 Devices Running Android 9 Pie

Simple GApps for ARM64 Devices Running Android 9 Pie 1

When it comes to a custom ROM or the official MIUI China ROM, mostly users will run into problem looking for the existence of Play Store and any other Google Apps such as GMail, Drive, Duo, Photos, etc.

MIUI China ROM, both Stable and Developer (Beta) builds, come without a single Google app. Old versions of MIUI China even had no Google Services at all. Luckily, in recent versions of MIUI China ROM has included some of essential Google Services hidden beneath the system

The case of a custom ROM is a little bit different. ROMs like LineageOS has no Gapps due to licensing restrictions. Furthermore, with the absence of GApps decrease the overall distribute-able file size.

Here comes the GApps package in handy. You may have heard OpenGApps, Mind The Gapps, or MicroG. All of those pre-built Google Apps packages are made to make the installing process easier.

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Well, there are lot more similar pre-built GApps packages to save your life. One of them is SimpleGApps by Ezio84.

SimpleGApps is an essential Google Apps package that includes all required Google services along with some basic apps. Play Store is, without a doubt, a mandatory app. Once Play Store exists, users can easily browse all new files and games.

Download Simple GApps

You can download Simplegapps from the following direct hot link.

File name :
Version n/a | 558 downloads | Size: 212 MB

This Gapps package is an alternative if you tried Mind The Gapps or OpenGApps but returned with no luck.



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