SD Card Auto-formatting Tool (Windows & Linux)

Download a powerful tool that allows you to convert external MicroSD card of your Xiaomi phone to be an internal storage. It means you can use your SD Card just as your phone internal storage. You can move any installed apps to that storage then.

The tool is compatible to run on a Windows computer or a Linux machine. It is a very simple command-line tool that works.

Most Android users believe that root is needed to move the apps to their SD card. That is not truly wrong! Rooted Android phones allows its users to do almost anything since they have the root access.

However, rooting mechanism are still an impossible task for some users. On top of that, Xiaomi has applied a number of security protections to prevent malicious hackers getting access on MIUI devices. Anti-rollback (ARB) and Locked Bootloader are the good examples. Hence, the rooting procedure is not as simple as it was in two or three years ago.

This simple tool cuts the long way to achieve the same goal: using external SD card as an external one and moving installed apps on it. Thus, it can reduce the usage quota of the internal storage.

The main trade off is the need of fast SD Card. It is pricey compared to the slow one but it delivers promised read-and-write speed.

The tool is created by Tomhenson, a Super Moderator at MIUI global forum. All the thanks and credits go to him.

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Key Features:

  • Windows 32-bit/64-bit support (64-bit recommended)
  • Linux support.
  • The result is compatible with latest MIUI 10 devices.
  • Convert external SD Card to internal.
  • Partial conversion: 10%, 50%, and 90% of total space.
  • Included ADB server within the package.
  • Without root.

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Its developer compressed the file in .RAR format. You will need either WinRAR or 7Zip to decompress it.

Grab the SD Card auto-formatting tool from the direct link below:

File name :
Version n/a | 27140 downloads | Size: 12 MB

How to use?

Once extracted, run aftiss.cmd (Windows) or (Linux). There will be 4 options displayed. Choose one of the options by typing its number followed by pressing Enter key on your keyboard.

SD Card Auto-formatting Tool (Windows & Linux) 1

Here’s the explanation:

  1. 10% from SD go to internal, and last 90% stays as normal SD card, to this 90% you can move photo video and other file.
  2. 50% from SD go to internal, and last 50% stays as normal SD card, to this 50% you can move photo video and other file.
  3. 90% from SD go to internal, and last 10% stays as normal SD card, to this 10% you can move photo video and other file.
  4. You define any custom proportion between external and internal proportion.

Enjoy! Do not forget to thank its developer here.


18 thoughts on “SD Card Auto-formatting Tool (Windows & Linux)”

      1. I found it from somewhere else. The size was 14.8 Mb and it worked for me. I was able to partition the SD and then move the apps with Activity launcher.

        1. Can u please share the link of the application that u found. I’d tried everything but still didn’t find that application.

        1. Azrael Drake Phoenix

          RAR file is either corrupt or requires a password. In either case, it is useless. This guide needs to be updated with a valid download link and/or the password to access the RAR file, otherwise, the guide is meaningless.

        2. Hi,
          did not work on my Redmi Note 8… Shows the following::
          Auto-formatting SDCard to Internal and SDCard storage
          – Start ADB Server…
          – Connect to device…
          – Kill ADB Server…
          [ERROR] error: device not found
          – Done, error =( –
          Drücken Sie eine beliebige Taste . . .
          Any suggestions?

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