Ported Gcam v8.2 by Greatness Dev for Xiaomi Phones

Ported Gcam v8.2 by Greatness Dev for Xiaomi Phones 1

Download Google Camera mod v8.2 APK ported by Greatness, a new developer known for porting Gcam for devices with multiple cameras.

Gcam is basically a camera app developed by Google available officially for Pixel devices. Luckily, there are already so many ports available meant for other devices including Xiaomi’s releases.

What’s available within Greatness’ variants? His works mostly add some features like exposure compensation to versions from other modders.

We tested his APK on Redmi Note 10 and Redmi Note 9 Pro. The result? It works as expected. Make sure the MIUI is based on Android 10 or later.

The developer provided three different package names for his works:

  • com.google.android.GoogleCamera.Cameight: It’s the main Greatness package name. Auxiliary Camera on Xiaomi, Realme, OnePlus 7 Series, 9 series and Nord series will work with this package name. No other developer has this package name, and you can install alongside other Gcam mods, so it’s recommended.
  • org.codeaurora.snapcam: This package name is required only for OnePlus 8/T/Pro. Sadly this series can only have working aux with this package name and several developers use this package name.
  • com.samsung.android.biometrics.service: It is required for accessing the 3rd Back Camera usually telephoto or Macro on any Samsung devices. Good that other developers don’t use this package name so can be installed alongside other Gcam mods.

In a nutshell, if you ask which one you should install on Xiaomi devices? Use the one with “Cameight” in its file name.

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Download APK

You can download Gcam v8.2 APK, a mod by Greatness from mirror direct link below.

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The file is hosted on our servers in Europe.

File name :
Version 8.2 build 204-210627 | 367 downloads | Size: 102 MB

Changelog Version 204-210627:

  • Added Support for Auxiliary Camera. Xiaomi users can enable the AUX from Advanced Settings > Auxiliary Camera and IDs. If you happen to have wrong IDs, just change from manual camera IDs. Same goes for the button names.
  • Separated Rampatcher, Custom AWB, NM, Stream Configs for different lenses.
  • Added Support for several devices that had a black viewfinder on last version.
  • Heavily improved Manual Rampatcher Logics. Now should work better and with less crashes.
  • Added Option in Advanced Settings to show a sunset Button in viewfinder.
  • Darkened the output from sunset mode. Now works better even without tap to focus.
File name :
Version 8.2 build 204-210513 | 42 downloads | Size: 102 MB

Changelog v204-210513:

Initial Gcam 8.2 Release:

  • All the stock features.
  • All important Greatness features from 7.3 returns but much more optimized and versatile along with some new features.
  • Using Greatness’ own base, infinite thanks to Arnova8G2 for helping the dev learn properly. He also decrypted the strings and added developer Settings.
  • Used two self modified libs instead of google lib. Should give you good results by default. Sunset lib is even more improved. (Must not be used in any other mod).
  • Used Eszdman’s Rampatcher for libpatcher. It’s faster and more optimized in terms of performance.
  • A way better in app tutorial.


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