Ported Gcam v8.1 by BSG for Xiaomi Phones

Ported Gcam v8.1 by BSG for Xiaomi Phones 1

Download Google Camera mod v8.2 APK ported by BSG, the most popular and a pioneer developer in porting Gcam app for Non-Pixel devices.

As we all already knew, Gcam is made originally for Pixel phones. It won’t work for other devices since the specifications and other tech related features are simply different.

However, BSG with all its expertise has managed to build its own version of Gcam making it working on most popular devices including those from Xiaomi series.

Xiaomi has invested millions of dollars to establish a dedicated developer team designing camera systems in both hardware and software.

The result is impressive. Nowadays, mostly all Xiaomi series from Mi, Redmi, Redmi Note, and Poco phones are having best cameras to capture great photos with beautiful details.

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Download APK

You can download Gcam v8.1 APK mod by BSG from mirror direct links down below. All listed versions are handpicked to work on Xiaomi phones.

However, not all versions work on all Xiaomi phones. Certain version work well on certain series while others don’t.

Hence, refer to our other articles or use Google to find out what other Mi Fans use on their phones.

All Gcam APK files are hosted on our servers in Europe.

File name :
Version 8.1.101_a9_gv1j | 441 downloads | Size: 102 MB

Changelog v8.1.101_A9_GV1j:

  • Added the ability to set a custom session in photo modes.
  • Fixed minor bugs in the modification.
File name :
Version 8.1.101_a9_gv1i | 39 downloads | Size: 102 MB

Changelog v8.1.101_A9_GV1i:

  • Added an additional item “Level 3+” in the “Hardware level” menu to fix the braking of the camera preview on devices with a hard level3.
  • Fixed minor bugs in the modification.
File name :
Version 8.1.101_a9_gv1f | 9 downloads | Size: 102 MB

Changelog v8.1.101_A9_GV1f:

  • added the ability to disable manual focus reset when switching between photo modes.
  • added the ability to manually enter the correction model AWB (Google AWB)
  • fixed bugs found in the modification.
File name :
Version 8.1.101_a9_gv1a | 14 downloads | Size: 102 MB

Changelog v8.1.101_A9_GV1a:

  • added manual focus to photo and portrait modes
  • fixed bugs in the mod.
File name :
Version 8.1.101_a9_gvz | 9 downloads | Size: 102 MB

Changelog v8.1.101_A9_GVz:

  • added loading of modified libraries
  • added full RAM patcher.
File name :
Version 8.1.011_a9_v0 | 30 downloads | Size: 100 MB

Changelog v8.1.011_A9_V0:

  • The mod has been completely redesigned (now it is divided into 3 components: Full, Level3, Pixel phones).
  • tracking focus without using GL Preview (for Level3).
  • added auto white balance.
  • Added Auto Night Sight for all models.
  • Added Top Shot (short video).
  • automatic format selection.
  • added the ability to use 60 FPS for some devices.
  • fixed astrophoto problem.
  • fixed front camera for OnePlus.
  • Fixed Pixel 2, OP3T issues.
  • Fixed Slow mo problem on some devices.
  • fixed digital zoom for all models.
  • Fixed stabilization modes (Model – Pixel V).
  • many minor bugs fixed.
  • new devices added to support.
  • Note: If your front camera doesn’t work, change the Preview format to YUV.
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Ported Gcam v8.1 by BSG for Xiaomi Phones 2
BSG Gcam v8.1 Settings

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