Patched MIUI Themes Manager (APK Download)

Patched MIUI Themes Manager (APK Download) 1

Download the patched version of the Mi Themes app for any Xiaomi, Redmi, and Redmi Note phones. This version is a modded version of the MIUI Themes app that has been patched to accommodate the ability to import themes downloaded from third-parties.

Xiaomi has restricted the import function in the original Themes app since MIUI 10. Thus, users without a Xiaomi Designer account will not be able to install third-party theme’s MTZ files.

Meanwhile, there are many cool MIUI themes not available from the official MIUI Themes Store. Those themes usually do not pass the official theme checks mechanism due to many factors.

This patched Themes app available below comes solving the restriction available within the stock Themes app (MIUI 10 and MIUI 11). Hence, users can easily install any MIUI theme files even without a designer account.

Download Modded MIUI Themes App

You can download the patched build of MIUI Themes manager app from the direct link below. The patched version does not have any additional features except the unlocked file import feature.

File name :
Version n/a | 13240 downloads | Size: 14 MB

How to Install The Patched Theme Manager?

Step 1. Unlock the bootloader of your Xiaomi phone.

Step 2. Flash TWRP Recovery. This depends on your phone series. Use the search form in this blog to find out one for your phone series.

Step 3. Download Magisk, reboot to TWRP recovery and flash Magisk. This will root your phone basically.

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Step 4. Download any Root File Manager such as MT Manager, Root File Explorer, etc. Just launch the Play Store and search one.

Step 5. Download the patched Themes Manager app APK file from the above link.

Step 6. Open up the root file manager app and find the downloaded Theme Manager apk file.

Step 7. Rename the APK file to “ThemeManager.apk” as seen in the screenshot below.

Patched MIUI Themes Manager (APK Download) 2

Step 8. Tap on the file name and choose “Copy“.

Patched MIUI Themes Manager (APK Download) 3

Step 9. Go to the /system/app/ThemeManager/ and paste the copied file there.

Step 10. Remount the target file system as read-write by choosing “Remount RW“.

Patched MIUI Themes Manager (APK Download) 4

Step 11. Choose OK, Copy and Replace, then OK again.

Patched MIUI Themes Manager (APK Download) 5
Patched MIUI Themes Manager (APK Download) 6

Step 12. Once copied, you need to change the permission of the newly copied file. Tap the “ThemeManager.apk” file then choose “Property“.

Patched MIUI Themes Manager (APK Download) 7

Step 13. Tap on the “Modify” button in the Permissions section.

Patched MIUI Themes Manager (APK Download) 8

Step 14. Set permission to 644 which can be done by unchecking the Write option for Group. Hit OK once done.

Patched MIUI Themes Manager (APK Download) 9

Notice that “Modified Successful” message. Close it.

Patched MIUI Themes Manager (APK Download) 10

Step 15. Reboot your phone.

Patched MIUI Themes Manager (APK Download) 11

That’s all. You have successfully installed the patched MIUI Theme Manager app.

Now you can open the app, go to My Account, Themes, then Import. Of course, you should already have a downloaded MIUI theme .mtz file.

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