Nokia Camera Pro Full Manual with Animoji for Xiaomi Devices

Nokia Camera Pro Full Manual with Animoji for Xiaomi Devices 1

While Google Camera app gets all the hype from many mobile photography enthusiasts, Nokia Camera Pro comes next in second place. Here’s the ported Nokia Camera Pro that is compatible with almost all recently released Xiaomi devices. Download the APK file from mirror link available below.

What are the key features of this advanced camera app? The app is basically taken from the official HMDGlobal’s Nokia phone. It supports Level3 API and hence you can make use of advanced manual configuration. Be fully manual or use an automatic mode.

You can adjust its shutter speed, ISO level, white balance, and so on. On top of that, its latest version is shipped with built-in Animoji. Which is cool by the way.

Just like the GCam, the Nokia Pro also supports portrait mode with bokeh-ish effect. Yet, you can also adjust the deepness of the bokeh. The best part, it is a Live Bokeh! You can preview the effect even before the shot is taken.

Some other cool features of the apps include the Slow Motion and Timelapse options. You can create cool motion timelapse in no time. The slowmo videos are also pretty awesome.

The Animoji sports AR technology, facial stickers, and lightning effects.

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However, as stated by the developer who has managed to port the app, since version 9.x, the Nokia Camera Pro only supports Android devices powered with ARM64 processors. This should not be a problem for many Mi Fans. Most of recent Xiaomi devices are boasting either Qualcomm or MediaTek ARM64-based chipset.

Download Nokia Camera Pro APK

The file is available from mirror direct links available below. The file is hosted on our servers in Europe and in the US. This will be generated randomly. We have also created a backup stored in a cloud server in case the main servers are busy.

File name :
Version 91.9.1130.40-9558b747 | 1702 downloads | Size: 149 MB

The app works best on any MIUI ROM or any custom Android ROM based on Android 8.1 Oreo. It might not work flawlessly on Nougat-based ROM.

Alternatively, use the older version of the app below:

File name :
Version 8.1041.71 | 573 downloads | Size: 64 MB


Nokia Camera Pro Full Manual with Animoji for Xiaomi Devices 2

Nokia Camera Pro Full Manual with Animoji for Xiaomi Devices 3

P.s: You may need to unlock your phone’s bootloader and hence you can enable Camera2 API Level 3. This is necessary to activate the fully manual Pro mode in the Nokia camera app.


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