NikGapps Full Pack: Download for Android 9 and 10 (Direct Links)

NikGapps Full Pack: Download for Android 9 and 10 (Direct Links) 1

One crucial thing among flashing maniacs is Google Apps package which in short we usually call it as GApps. Despite some popular custom ROMs like LineageOS can still run without it, many Android users still in serious need for at least one of Google apps: the Play Store.

Hence, it is inevitable to install GApps right after the installation of a custom ROM. Pixel Experience is in the exception list. Of course, the ROM has already come with built-in Gapps pre-installed.

Talking about GApps, we may have heard about OpenGApps. It is the most popular independent project providing a convenient way to sideload Google Apps APKs to your Android-based smartphone.

In case if you didn’t know it yet, there are several other pre-built packages offering the same function as OpenGapps. BitGApps, Simplegapps, and MindTheGapps are just a few examples.

Enter NikGapps! It is also an independent project offering custom gapps packages that suits everyone’s needs.

The main distinctive feature of NikGapps is its add-ons. Instead of installing the official Youtube app, the package comes with Youtube Vanced which a modded and a tweaked version of the app.

There are many more features tho. We’ll jump into that below.

Key Features

  • Available in five flavours: Core, Basic, Omni, Stock, and Full.
  • Google Setup Wizard for an easy installation.
  • Lawnchair launcher included.
  • Google Sound Recorder app with Transcript feature.
  • Youtube Vanced, cooler than the one you use.
  • Google Velvet to enable Voice Unlock feature.
  • Adaway ad-blocker app included.
  • Google Pixel phone Live Wallpapers (this is awesome!).

OpenGapps vs NikGapps

Despite being similar, there are some discrepancies between OpenGapps and NikGapps.

First, OpenGapps packages are built automatically using custom scripts. NikGapps builds are built manually by its developer right from his own device. He always makes sure all Google apps installed on his device are the latest.

Second, as shown in the features list above, it has Youtube Vanced and Lawnchair launcher.

Third, NikGApps supports Split Apks.

Forth, NikGApps follows a different partition mounting mechanism.

Five, there are some technical differences which you can check it here.

Download Links

NikGApps is available in five different packages.

First, the Core package. It contains minimum Google apps required to run the Play Store, but it comes without the Play Store app. You need to download the APK and grab it manually.

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Second, the Basic package. It includes everything from Core plus Digital Wellbeing and YouTube Vanced.

Third, the Omni package which has everything from Basic plus Google Messages (Replaces AOSP Messages), Google Dialer (Replaces AOSP Dialer), and Google Contacts (Replaces AOSP Contacts).

Forth, the Stock package. Of course, it installs everything from the Omni plus Google Setup Wizard, Lawnchair, Google Drive, GBoard (Replaces AOSP keyboard), Google Velvet (for voice unlock), Google Markup, Google Photos, Google Clock, Google Sounds, Google Maps, and Google Wallpaper.

Lastly, the Full package. It is the ultimate package since it is the complete build of Gapps. It has everything including Gmail, Google Play, Books, Google Keep, Google Chrome, Google Assistant, Google Sound Recorder, and Device Personalization Services.

Below you can download the full NikGapps full packages for Android 9.0 Pie and Android 10.0 Q. In case you need it, you can grab all other packages here.

NikGapps for Android 10.0 Q ROMs:

File name :
Version 20200112 (android 10) | 798 downloads | Size: 657 MB

NikGapps for Android 9.0 Pie ROMs:

File name :
Version 20191225 (android 9.0) | 298 downloads | Size: 637 MB

All the files are original, untouched, and unmodified. However, feel free to do a virus scan over the files.

How to Install

Installing NikGapps is no different than sideloading any other third-party Gapps. You’ll need TWRP recovery since all the packages are flash-able zip packages.

Obviously, you’ll also need your phone’s bootloader unlocked in order to have TWRP installed.

  1. Download NikGapps package from the link above to your phone.
  2. Turn off the phone completely.
  3. Press the Power and Volume Up buttons simultaneously. You’ll then reboot into TWRP.
  4. Choose [Install].
  5. Locate the Nikgapps zip file. Tap on it to select it.
  6. Swipe to confirm flash.
  7. Reboot to system.

That’s all. No need to wipe or format anything.

Fortunately, Nikgapps is similar to OpenGapps. It also allows you to dirty flash it anytime.

The best part, Nikgapps supports addon.d so you don’t need to flash the package again and again after every nightly update. Sounds cool already? Try it!


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