MIUI 11 Beta ROM: Download and Install Guide

MIUI 11 Beta ROM: Download and Install Guide 1

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The hype of Android 10 Q is still around the corner. The hype is still there while Xiaomi announced the company’s next major release of Android skin.

Meet MIUI 11! The long-awaited successor of currently stable version MIUI 10. The team behind Xiaomi works around the clock to update MIUI with the latest security patches, bug fixes, minor features enhancements, and so on. Such minor updates released regularly at least once a month.

Recently, the company announced its next major update making it to version 11. This announcement was held at an event in China along with company’s introduction of Mi Mix Alpha and Mi 9 Pro 5G.

We can put Mi Mix Alpha aside since the phone is just a prototype device. You won’t be able to buy it in the meantime but the device will be available in select Mi Store.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G, on the other hand, is the latest flagship phone compatible with 5G networks. The phone runs MIUI 11 Stable ROM by default.

About MIUI 11

Some rumors of MIUI 11 have been around since early this year. Many speculated about what’s coming to the next MIUI. The release of MIUI 11 Beta, thankfully, answers all the doubts and curiosities about the said Android ROM.

In case you didn’t aware yet, MIUI is a skinned version of a mobile operating system based on Android OS. Depending on which Xiaomi device it runs, MIUI’s bases can be Android 7.0 Nougat, 8.0/8.1 Oreo, 9.0 Pie, and 10.0 Q.

MIUI 11 Key Features

MIUI 11 introduces a number of improvements to the UX skin design. The main purpose is improving the overall user experience. The UX style improvements have won a Red Dot Design award.

MIUI 11 Beta ROM: Download and Install Guide 2

The main concept in MIUI’s new design is the adoption of intuitive design that speaks better to MIUI fans. The new MIUI design also comes in both Dark and Light modes.

The new default font is introduced within MIUI 11. The font is MiLan Pro. Seriously, this new font brings a new option to spice up the look of your Xiaomi phone. MIUI 11 boasts a variable thickness slider for the font. Hence, it allows users to choose the exact thickness for the font.

MIUI 11 Beta ROM: Download and Install Guide 3

The next interesting feature of MIUI 1 is the AOD which stands for Always-On Display. The screen of your phone will always On despite being in standby mode.

You can customize the display style of the AOD screen. For instance, there are various options to watch styles to choose along with some animated texts.

MIUI 11 Beta ROM: Download and Install Guide 4

MIUI 11 also features a dynamic sound system. This new type of sound system brings easy-to-listen sounds inspired by nature such as insect hisses, chirps of birds, and whistling sounds of the wind.

MIUI 11 Beta ROM: Download and Install Guide 5

Another new feature coming to MIUI 11 is a new file transfer mechanism in Mi Work Suite. This is basically a cross-platform file sharing solution among Android devices regardless of its brand or type.

As long as your phone runs MIUI 11 based on Android 9.0 Pie or newer, you can make use of the feature to send and receive files to and from Vivo or Oppo devices.

The last and the best feature of MIUI 11 that we also love so much is MIUI 11 Themes. All the themes for MIUI 11 will be available for free. There will be no longer premium MIUI themes.

Theme designers or developers will still earn revenue directly from Xiaomi. The company plans to allocate part of its revenue to support theme developers.

A list of MIUI 11 new features, improvements, and changes:

We highlighted some interesting ones with bold text.

  • Attention – Empowering the productive
    • Comprehensive design optimized for fullscreen display devices
    • Removing visual clutter, improving touch controls, and refining the use of color allowed us to create a system where nothing stands between you and the content.
  • Beauty starts with the text. Our fonts matured.
    • Now text looks gorgeous in all languages.
    • Now, font-weight can be adjusted automatically depending on the text.
  • Ambient display
    • The ambient display now comes with gorgeous dynamic themes.
    • Essential information is displayed on your screen 24/7.
    • Personalize your device with a unique signature.
    • Keep your screen alive with our amazing special effects.
  • Sounds of nature
    • Wake up to the gentle sounds of nature with our new alarm ringtones.
    • Notification sounds won’t make you tired. Now, they keep changing dynamically, just like nature does.
  • Mi Share
    • Transfer files from phone to phone at breakneck speeds.
    • Mi Share works both on phones and computers.
  • Documents
    • Preview your documents before you open them.
    • Stay productive and efficient with our all-new Mi Doc Viewer.
  • MIUI Screen Casting
    • MIUI allows you to cast videos, games, documents, and apps to more than 300 TV models directly from your phone.
    • MIUI’s casting functionality allows you to hide personal items to keep all sensitive things private.
  • Printing
    • Print photos and files directly from your phone without installing any additional apps
  • Trips planner
    • Plan your trips with MIUI: add your flight or train tickets, learn about the weather at your destination, get local mobile data, view the currency exchange rates, or contact your consulate abroad.
  • Ultra battery saver
    • Use this feature to challenge your device to a whole day on just 5% of the battery.
  • More features
    • Tasks. Manage and edit your tasks in the Notes app. Receive timely notifications and mark things done.
    • Kid space. Create a safe digital environment for your kids.
    • Family guard. Control connected devices to help your friends and family.
    • Screen time. View stats and manage your time more efficiently.
    • Emergency SOS. Rapidly press the Power button 5 times to send an SOS message to your emergency contacts.
    • Earthquake warnings. Stay safe and informed in case of an earthquake.
    • Quick replies. Reply to messages from any app.
    • Themes. Lots of free resources to make your device truly unique.
    • Mi Community. Get the latest news from Xiaomi, test new features, and participate in our events.
    • Autofill passwords. Store passwords on your device and use them whenever you need them.
    • Calendar. All your events in one place.
    • Mi AI 3.0. All-new. Much more powerful.
    • Security. Safeguard and optimize your device.
    • Game Turbo. Turn your device into an ultimate gaming console.
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Download MIUI 11 Beta

At the time of writing, the initial release of MIUI 11 Beta is available as China Beta build. We list all the initial versions below. All the files are available for download as direct hotlinks fetched directly from Xiaomi’s official servers.

MIUI 11 China ROM does not ship with any Google Apps installed, including the Play Store. Luckily, you can install it easily through TWRP Recovery.

We’ll update the list once new versions become available.

Xiaomi Mi Series

Mi 9 Cepheus

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 426 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Mi 9 SE

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 87 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Mi 8 EE

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 38 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Mi 8 Lite

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 73 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Mi 8 SE

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 38 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Mi 8 UD

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 30 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Mi 8

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 95 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Mi 6X

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 46 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Mi 6

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 56 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Mi 5X

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 30 downloads | Size: 1 GB

Mi 5S

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 44 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Mi Mix 3

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 35 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Mi Mix 2S

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 38 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Mi Mix 2

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 45 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Mi Mix

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 16 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Mi Max 3

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 49 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Mi Max 2

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 61 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Mi Note 3

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 32 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Mi Note 2

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 23 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Redmi Note Series

Redmi Note 8

File name :
Version 9.9.25 | 56 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Redmi Note 7 Pro

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 113 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Redmi Note 7

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 402 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Redmi Note 5 Whyred

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 182 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Redmi Note 5A

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 58 downloads | Size: 1 GB

Redmi Note 5A Lite

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 24 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Redmi Note 4/4X

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 243 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Redmi Series

Redmi K20 Pro (Mi 9T Pro)

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 95 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Redmi K20 (Mi 9T)

File name :
Version 9.9.25 | 117 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Redmi 6A

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 97 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Redmi 6

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 51 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Redmi 5 Plus

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 101 downloads | Size: 1 GB

Redmi 5A

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 127 downloads | Size: 1 GB

Redmi 5

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 106 downloads | Size: 1 GB

Redmi 6 Pro

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 71 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Redmi 4/4X

File name :
Version 9.9.24 | 128 downloads | Size: 2 GB

How to Flash MIUI 11 Beta

Currently, the initial release builds of MIUI 11 beta are available as Recovery ROM. That said, the files are available in compressed zip files.

There are two methods you can try.

First method

  1. Unlock the bootloader.
  2. Flash TWRP Recovery.
  3. Boot into TWRP recovery.
  4. Wipe > Format Data > yes
  5. Wipe > advanced wipe > select Data, Dalvik, Cache, System, Vendor >> Swipe to wipe.
  6. Connect the phone to the computer using its cable.
  7. Copy the MIUI ROM zip file.
  8. Install > locate the zip file > Swipe to flash.
  9. Flash Magisk (optional if you want root).
  10. Reboot > System.

Some users reported bootloop after flashing using TWRP. Flashing the latest Force Encrypt may solve the issue.

Second Method

The second method is safer and has better success probability.

  1. Unlock the bootloader.
  2. Download Mi Flash Tool.
  3. Download MIUI 10 China Beta Fastboot ROM for your phone (use Google).
  4. Flash it through Mi Flash tool.
  5. Download MIUI 11 Beta Recovery ROM above.
  6. Copy it to your phone.
  7. Use the Updater to flash MIUI 11 zip file.
  8. Reboot and enjoy.

Alternatively, you may also use Xiaomi Tool to switch from Global Stable/Beta to China Beta ROM. Then use the updater feature to flash the MIUI 11 zip file.


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