Mi Themer: Third-party MIUI Theme Installer App

Mi Themer: Third-party MIUI Theme Installer App 1

Mi Themer is the solution to import MIUI themes downloaded from third parties. Xiaomi has disabled default feature to install a custom theme by sideloading its .mtz file. This app allows not only importing MTZ files but also editing the theme itself. It has built-in features to customize any MIUI themes.

Many users in the world become interested in using Android devices made by Xiaomi due to its theming feature. Xiaomi provides a specific portal in which users can browse and choose many cool themes. Many of these themes are designed by members of Mi Fans itself.

However, not all of MIUI theme designer decide to make their themes available in this portal. Some of them distribute their works independently. These are what so-called third-party themes.

Unfortunately, Xiaomi has stopped supporting the ability to import and to install themes downloaded from third parties. We are not quite sure about the main reasons behind Xiaomi’s decision. Rumors say that it was decided in order to prevent malware or viruses potentially distributed along with MTZ files obtained from “untrusted” sources. Some others say that the feature was disabled to respect MIUI designer. Well, what do you say about this speculation?

Currently, only those who have Mi Account registered as the official MIUI designer are allowed to use the import feature. Without this status, any users won’t be able to install the theme.

Responding to Xiaomi decision, there are some developers have managed to create apps to outsmart the restriction. Previously, we have seen Mi Rape. Today, we see a similar app with similar ability but it has a different level of power. By what we mean “power” is its ability to install a custom theme and its success rate.

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Several users reported that Mi Rape works only for a specific time span. Some others reported that it does not support their devices while some sent in testimonials on its success.

Meet the Mi Themer app! Just like what the name suggests, this piece of the app works as an editor. Users can import any MTZ file and customize many of its aspects. The modded theme will then applicable to the device directly through the app’s interface.

Novice users can simply skip the editing part while leapfrogging to the installing part. Yup, users can simply employ the app as the MIUI theme installer.

What makes this app exclusive is its ability to run on recent MIUI devices. Moreover, it is compatible with both MIUI 9.5 and the latest MIUI 10 Stable.

Download Mi Themer APK

Below you can grab its APK installer. The file is provided solely as a mirror link source. We are not the developer of this app. Despite we can guarantee that the file is free from malware and viruses, it is always a good practice to do a quick scan using your favorite Anti-virus software.

Old Version

File name :
Version miui10 | 23996 downloads | Size: 4 MB

New Version

File name :
Version 2.5 (unreleased) | 16249 downloads | Size: 4 MB
File name :
Version n/a | 5727 downloads | Size: 3 MB


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