Mi Android One Simple Unlocker Tool

Mi Android One Simple Unlocker Tool 1

Xiaomi has been very consistent in releasing smartphone models backed up with Android One, the purest form of Android for non-Google devices supported officially by Google.

Sounds confusing? Well, let’s see what Wikipedia mention:

Android One is a near-stock version of the Android operating system released by Google. Android One cannot be altered by the companies that make the phones, and only runs on certain smartphones.

Source: Wikipedia.

In short, you can understand it like this: It is a stock Android ROM (almost) developed, created, and released by Google. The ROM is compatible with certain Android devices released by certain manufacturers (other than Google). The manufacturers, however, cannot make major modification to the system. All the updates and system future development are handled by Google Team directly.

In this sense, manufacturers produce the hardware while Google maintains the software.

Xiaomi is one of the phone manufacturers in the world that proudly produces phones running Android One ROM.

Started with the legendary Mi A1, the tradition continues to exist up until now with the release of Mi A2, Mi A2 Lite, Mi A3, and maybe the upcoming Mi A4 (Mi A5, Mi A6, and so on and so forth).

Apparently, the release of Mi Android One devices attracts a different fraction of users. Some users love Xiaomi phone for its system, the MIUI running on it. Nevertheless, there is another part of users loving Xiaomi phones for its price per performance ratio but they don’t prefer MIUI.

For some, MIUI is a heavily skinned version of Android and therefore they prefer to not using it. Those who have skill and bravery will replace MIUI with any custom ROMs they wish. Those who don’t, Xiaomi devices running Android One are the answer.

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Now, on which side are you? MIUI lovers or Android One fanatics?

Since you have come to this page, we believe you are one of the Android One users. If so, this tool may benefit you.

Below we share a nice simple tool to help you unlock the bootloader of your Mi Android One devices. Of course, you can use it on any Android One Xiaomi devices from Mi A1, Mi A2, and so on.


Simply click the button below to grab the zipped file.

File name :
Version n/a | 1848 downloads | Size: 4 MB

What does the tool do? Wait, what is this tool?

The tool basically contains many files but we can break down into two parts: the Android Platform Tools and one-click unlock tool.

The Android Platform tools are there to make sure all the required ADB-Fastboot files are up to date (or the latest version possible).

There are two bat files included. The first one will do the “OEM unlock” to your phone, while the second one will do the “fastboot flashing unlock_critical” task.

This tool helps users who are still confused with the correct way to launch the Command Prompt window with ADB-Fastboot services.

However, you’ll still need the proper Xiaomi ADB Fastboot USB Drivers.

We put a nice comprehensive guide on how to unlock Android One bootloader on any Mi phones using this tool here.



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