Mi Account Authorization Tips: Check and Apply for it!

Mi Account Authorization Tips: Check and Apply for it! 1

This article shows you exactly how to check for the status of your Mi Account Authorization directly on your computer. The authorization is crucial to guarantee the success of a flashing process. The regular fastboot flashing method may not require this. However, a bricked device as an impact of Anti-rollback Protection or a broken device with a locked bootloader will need this authorization stage for sure.

We have heard something about the locked bootloader, EDL mode being disabled, and the Anti-rollback Protection. All of those are measures taken by Xiaomi Developers Team to secure devices produced.

The MIUI Bootloader is locked to prevent unauthorized flashing. Users need to request for the bootloader unlock permission. Once obtained, users can flash custom recoveries, custom ROMs, and of course, can flash Magisk to obtain root access. Flashing the official MIUI ROM through Fastboot also requires an unlocked bootloader due to the nature that it resets everything on the phone.

Read: How to unlock MIUI bootloader officially.

Emergency Download Mode (EDL) is another thing. EDL is basically an alternative mode which can be used to flash MIUI Fastboot ROM. In fact, users do not need the “bootloader unlock” permission to flash MIUI ROM through this mode. Hence, Xiaomi has disabled this special mode on recent devices.

With EDL Mode being disabled does not mean the checkpoint of “bootloader unlock” permission cannot be bypassed. Users can achieve this mode through another thing called the “Test-point Method“. It is basically to enter EDL Mode through literally hard resetting the phone. It requires users to open and disassemble the back cover of their phones.

The last one is the Anti-rollback Protection. It is basically what its name suggests. This protection prevents users to downgrade the currently-running MIUI version to an older version.

Read more about ARB protection below:

About the Mi Account Authorization

Now, what is Mi Account Authorization? It is another security measure put by Xiaomi Developers Team to add another layer of protection. This protection prevents anyone to flash MIUI ROM on a device through the Download Mode (EDL) or Test-Point method. Flashing through EDL Mode can bypass a locked bootloader protection.

Because users can still bypass “bootloader unlock” permission to flash an MIUI ROM through the Test-point mode, that is why they put such authorization in place.

Shortly, only users having authorized Mi account are allowed to flash through EDL/Test-point Mode. It means not anyone with Mi account is granted with this permission despite they have permission to unlock the bootloader. Why? Because flashing through this mode does not need the unlocked bootloader.

How to check for Mi Account Authorization?

  1. Make sure you have disabled Windows Driver Signature Enforcement on your computer. Follow this procedure.
  2. Download the latest version of Mi Flash tool (v2018.5.28.0 or newer).
  3. Extract the ZIP file and install the Mi Flash tool. You need to uninstall any previous version if any.
  4. Once installed, go to its installation folder. It is usually located at C:\XiaoMi\XiaoMiFlash\.
    Mi Account Authorization Tips: Check and Apply for it! 2
  5. You might have a different installation path on your computer. Once found, enter the “mi” folder. The example is below:
    Mi Account Authorization Tips: Check and Apply for it! 3
  6. Right-click on the account_auth.exe and choose “Run As Administrator“.
    Mi Account Authorization Tips: Check and Apply for it! 4
  7. Windows UAC (User Access Control) will ask you for a confirmation. Click on Yes.
  8. A new window will open and it may display a Chinese user interface. Simply click the “English” menu o the top.
    Mi Account Authorization Tips: Check and Apply for it! 5
  9. Two buttons will be displayed next. Click the one on the right side.
    Mi Account Authorization Tips: Check and Apply for it! 6
  10. Again, you need to reopen the Account_auth as Administrator. This time its English version will open.
  11. Now login with your Mi Account. We really suggest you to signup for an account previously which we believe you did.
    Mi Account Authorization Tips: Check and Apply for it! 7
  12. Once logged in, the application will verify the current status of your Mi Account.
    Mi Account Authorization Tips: Check and Apply for it! 8
  13. It will ask for your authorization pass if your Mi Account is the authorized one. You might have received the pass via email or SMS on your registered mobile number. Otherwise, it will recall that your Mi Account is not authorized to flash the phone.
    Mi Account Authorization Tips: Check and Apply for it! 9

How to fix the Unauthorized Xiaomi Account error? You will need to ask for Xiaomi to authorize your Mi account, obviously.

How to apply for Mi Account Authorization?

First, you can try by clicking the “Apply Bind” option on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Well, there must be a reason why this option exists.

Mi Account Authorization Tips: Check and Apply for it! 10

Will it work? Will your account be granted as an authorized one? Even the Supermoderator of MIUI community cannot confirm it.

There is a workaround by registering your account through MIUI Russia. Go to this link. Post your Mi ID there to request for authorization. Google Translate will come in handy for this task unless you can read Russian. Now simply wait for the moderator to see your request and grant it with the proper authorization. Will it work? Just keep on trying.

Does this trick work for you? Do you have your own experience related to this matter? Share your comment below.


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