Install YouTube Vanced on Xiaomi Phones (Latest Version)

Install YouTube Vanced on Xiaomi Phones (Latest Version) 1

Do you want to know a simple hack on how to watch YouTube videos without ads and without Premium Subscription? Enter YouTube Vanced app.

This app is basically a modded version of the official Google’s YouTube app. The modder simply adds some fundamental features needed by most viewers, ads blocking.

Before we jump in directly to its download link, let’s find out some of its awesomeness.

Key Features

Did we mentioned about ads blocking? Well, it has more than that.

Firstly appeared on XDA, the app has become so popular since its also compatible on non-rooted device.

You don’t even need to unlock your phone’s bootloader to be able to install and use the app.

Cited from its official site, YouTube Vanced sports following key features:

  • Block all YouTube ADs (some options are even togglable)
  • Background playback
  • Force VP9 (or HDR) or vice versa
  • Override Max Resolution
  • Support Root and Non-Rooted devices
  • Pinch to Zoom on all devices
  • Casting togglable (can be forced off)
  • Togglable Theme (White/Dark/Black)
  • PiP (req: Android Oreo or newer)
  • Video window new or old style
  • Repeat video feature
  • Preferred Resolution & Speed feature
  • Swipe controls for Volume and Brightness

Download APK

As per version 16.x, the developer Team Vanced no longer provides standalone APK installer package to both YouTube and YouTube Music Vanced.

Instead, its Vanced Manager (like Magisk Manager) is available for download.

Vanced Manager APK

File name :
Version latest | 6095 downloads | Size: 144 B

Older Version:

File name :
Version 2.5.1 | 2592 downloads | Size: 4 MB

YouTube Vanced APK

You can download older versions of YouTube Vanced standalone APK files from the link below:

Please be mindful as installing the app from its standalone APK file requires some advanced steps. Make sure you know what you are about to do.

Vanced MicroG

Vanced MicroG is a fork tweaks MicroG to be usable by applications that require Google authentication such as Youtube Vanced. In short, it is a FLOSS framework to allow applications designed for Google Play Services to run on systems, where Play Services is not available.

File name :
Version latest | 1693 downloads | Size: 150 B

Vanced Manager Main UI

Install YouTube Vanced on Xiaomi Phones (Latest Version) 2

How to Install

Installing YouTube Vanced has now become easier than ever before on both rooted and not rooted devices.

Below we explain the method on how to get YouTube Vanced installed properly on any Xiaomi phones running MIUI ROM standard or stable build (no root).

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We tested this method on Redmi Note 9 Pro (joyuse) Global variant. We believe it will also work on other Xiaomi types including those from Mi, Redmi, Redmi Note, or POCO phones such as Redmi Note 10, 10 Pro, Redmi 9, Redmi 9A, 9C, Poco X3, X3 NFC, X3 Pro, Poco M3, Mi 10, Mi 11, and so on.

Follow these steps to set up YouTube Vanced on Xiaomi phones:

Step 1 – Go to Settings >> About Phone >> Tap MIUI version at least 7x >> Congratulation you are now s developer.

Step 2 – Go to Settings >> Additional Settings >> Developer Options >> Toggle off the MIUI Optimization (last option at the bottom)

Install YouTube Vanced on Xiaomi Phones (Latest Version) 3

Step 3 – Download Vanced Manager APK from the link above on your phone.

Step 4 – Install the app by tapping on its APK file. If this your first time, you may need to allow app installation from unknown sources.

Step 5 – Open the app once installed.

Step 6- Welcome to Vanced Manager! Tap the blue Let’s Get Started button.

Step 7- Is your device rooted? Select “Nonroot” by tapping on the blue arrow from the bottom right.

Step 8 – Start by installing MicroG, wait for the process to finish. However, you may also need to confirm Allow installation from unknown sources.

Step 9 – Finally, tap the Install link next to the Youtube Vanced.

Step 10 – Select your preferred theme and then tap NEXT.

Step 11 – Select your preferred language and then tap FINISH.

Step 12 – Wait till the download and install process finished. Once done, you can also repeat from Step 9 to install Vanced YouTube Music app.

Voila! You have successfully installed YouTube Vanced on your Xiaomi MIUI device.

Customizing YouTube Vanced Settings

Optionally, you can tap on the three dots icon to reveal settings.

From there, you can customize several settings such as open link in Chrome tabs, enable/disable push notifications, use Firebase analytics, or changing UI appearance such as theme, language, and color.

Install YouTube Vanced on Xiaomi Phones (Latest Version) 4
Install YouTube Vanced on Xiaomi Phones (Latest Version) 5


While there is an option to buy YouTube Premium subscription to watch videos (which are mostly uploaded and shared by users for free) without Ads, you can get similar experience with some simple steps free of cost.

YouTube Vanced can help you do just like that for free. The install process is also super easy.

Give it a try and tell us your experience.

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  1. I just updated miui v12.0.1.0 RJPINXM and i lost previously installed youtube vanced. Also, it shows an error while reinstalling it. Please help i really loved youtube vanced. I really need it, even if there is a way to go back to previous miui version. Please guide me what should I do to reinstall youtube vanced?

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